A mother covered herself in bees for a maternity photo shoot

Emily Mueller’s set to give birth to her fourth child, so she knows a thing or two about being pregnant. This time around, she’s taking more risks — like a “covering herself in 20,000 bees” kind of risk.

A full-time beekeeper who manages 24 hives containing about 1.2 million bees, Mueller said she’s been stung a whopping 350 times this year alone. However, that didn’t stop her from getting the perfect maternity photos with her favorite insects. To do this, she had honey bees settle on her stomach — and the outcome’s kind of crazy.

Despite being stung three times in the process, she admitted the result was worth it. “A lot of people think I’m insane, but I’m so comfortable with bees, so it was never something I had anxiety about,” she said. “I wore a dress that was long and covered my stomach and legs so the bees would be on the outside of my body as a precautionary measure, but I knew it was safe.”

Click through above for the stinging stunning photo shoot.

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Emily Mueller posed with 20,000 bees for a maternity photoshoot

“I had been called to a swarm removal that morning, so I fed those bees sugar to make sure they would be content and gentle enough to work with,” says Mueller. (Photo: SWNS)

Mueller with her baby bump covered in bees

“Then I put the queen bee in a cage and tied it to a branch in a tree in the garden. She is larger and bigger, so it was easy to identify her.” (Photo: SWNS)

Her thighs and one hand were covered too

“Then I shook the bees from the hive and they all flew straight to her,” her husband admitted. (Photo: SWNS)

Mueller cradling her stomach

“We cut the branch and my husband walked it over to where I was sitting for the pictures.” (Photo: SWNS)

Mueller in her beekeeping suit

“He shook them onto the ground, and I held the queen in my hand and they all came over.” (Photo: SWNS)

A close-up shot of her stomach

“Having them all on me was this clinging sensation. They all stick to you and they are very warm, so it’s almost like when a kitten is walking on you.” (Photo: SWNS)

Mueller showing off her honeybees

“I felt calm throughout, though I did get stung three times.” (Photo: SWNS)

And, lastly, a selfie!

“The photos were worth it. I love them.” (Photo: SWNS)

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