Picture this: Football's most injury-prone players

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been ruled out for eight weeks after suffering a knee injury against Barcelona. The Arsenal attacking midfielder has suffered 19 different injuries in the past four years with his groin and hamstrings usually the weak spots. He has sat out a lot of matches - like the players Yahoo Sport have gathered together as the most injury prone...

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Jack Wilshere

There are injured playersgetty and there is Jack Wilshere, the man England hoped to build a team around. The talented midfield playmaker has sat out around 1,000 days during hs Arsenal career, all diferent injuries too, so nobody knows where poor Jack will be struck next when he does finally return to action.

Danny Welbeck

Not wanted by Louis Van Gaal at Manchester United, Welbeck's career at Arsenal has been blighted by injuries and he has played so little this season that his chances of making the Euro 2016 England squad are almost nil. Has not actually turned out for the Gunners since April 2015.  

Thomas Vermaelen

Former Arsenal skipper Thomas Vermaelen was a regular 'missing today' while a Gunner an then had to wait almost a year to make his debut for Barcelona once signing for them in 2014 because he needed surgery on recurring hamstring problems

Robin Van Persie

A feared striker on his day, the Dutchman is a walking (limping) list of ailments... here's a small selection of the time he has spent out injured:

  • January 2008 to March 2008
  • April 2008 
  • August 2008 to September 2008
  • December 2008
  • March 2009 to April 2009
  • April 2009 to May 2009
  • April 2010 to September 2010
  • September 2010 to November 2010
  • February 2011 to March 2011

Theo Walcott

When being carried off grinning against Tottenham in 2014, little did Theo know the injury would keep him out of the World Cup six months later. Seems to suffer knocks with alarming regularity, hitting the 30-injury barrier this season wth calves and ankles proving his undoing

Daniel Sturridge

The Liverpool striker would be England's first choice if fully fit - but every time he ecovers from one thing, something else falls off. He has missed in excess of 400 days because of injuries, surgery and recovery, one of which was a 165-day 'rest' after a hip operation. Also suffering with dodgy knees, the former Celsea and Manchester City forward is in danger of fading away completely.   

Luke Shaw

Accused of being overweight and injury-prone when he first joined Manchester United, Shaw suffered with illness, knee, ankle and hamstring problems before a double leg break this season put an end to his improved form. Still only 20, he has notched up 26 different injuries so far...

Louis Saha

The France striker was synonymous with injuries during his time with Everton, Tottenham and Manchester United. He never got a run in the team because he was constantly out, but a goal ratio of one in three despite that shows just how good he was

Wayne Rooney

The man whose metatarsals cost England the World Cup has a huge list of injuries befitting a player who has been playng in the top flight for 12 years. Has suffered in excess of 35 seperate knocks in recebt years, including malleolar injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries, groin injuries - and even had his leg sliced open against Fulham once. 

Jack Rodwell

The highly-rated defensive midfielder made his England debut in 2011 while at Everton and then tried to further his career by going to Manchester City. Sadly for him, terrible injuries restricted him to just 16 matches in two years and even a move to Sunderland has failed to help him heal

Arjen Robben

The enigmatic Dutchman is a martyr to knee, back, groin and achilles injuries - and when his bits are fit and healthy he gets the flu. But at least 25 recorded injuries of note over the years mean Robben makes the 'prone' list...


Chelsea's new signing has a terrible history of ankle and muscular injuries over the years, with at least 13 of them requiring time on the sidelines.

Michael Owen

The sight of England striker Michael Owen keeling over at the World Cup in 2006 was tragic. A ruptured knee kept him out for the best part of a year and when he did return, the lightning pace was gone, the hamstrings had hardened and other bits and pieces went wrong as he tried to compensate.

Samir Nasri

Once of Arsenal, now of Manchester City, Nasri has always suffered with dodgy hamstrings and groin problems and is currently on another 'sabbatical'

Ledley King

Crippling knee injuries ruined Ledley King's career and robbed both Spurs and England of a gifted player. Sent three periods of six month or more out in the space of three years and never really recovered. Never used to train so he could play but still oozed class until the pain became too much and he was fored to quit.

Laurent Koscielny

Another Arsenal vctim, Laurent Koscielny has the sort of back and calves that even subscribers to Saga would sympathise with. has piled up at least 30 different injuries that have required time out over the years - and is sorely missed

VIncent Kompany

A Manchester City defence without the big Belgian is a sloppy, porous defence but with his calves and hamstrings becoming less flexible with age, Kompany has become a regular in the sick room in recent times

Phil Jones

The Manchester United and England man does seem to send a lot of time watching rather than doing - blame the various injuries and ailments - totalling almost 30 - varying from shin splints to thrombosis, meniscus tears and sprained ankles 

Stewart Holden

Former Bolton Wanderers man Stuart Holden suffered awful knee injuries, one after a tackle from Jonny Evans put him out for six months, followed by another 18 monthsof regaining full fitness. Once recovered, Holden ruptured a cruciate ligament and spent another year out.

Owen Hargreaves

The German Canadian whom Sven-Goran Eriksson turned into an Englishman was a hugely talented player but everything unravalled for him following a dream move to Manchester United. From July 2008 to July 2011 he was ft for just 10 months as chronic leg and knee issues brought him down. A leg break in 2007 had led to a patellar tendinitis injury and he lasted just six minutes of his United comeback game in 2011 after two years out. Eventually went to Manchester City but played just one match before he was forced to retire.   

KIeran Gibbs

For such a young man, Kieran Gibbs as an impressive injury list. Never seems to get a decent free-from-injury run and suffers from setbacks that constantly need treatment then seem to come back in a slightly different form when he recovers. Thigh muscle weakness. 

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas might have left Arsenal to escape the injury curse that blighted his career in North London. On 10 different occasions while a Gunner he spent three weeks or more out with at least another spells in the tratement room meaning he sat out action. Seemed to attract pain at Barcelona and now at Chelsea, age has made him a bit more fragile. 

Jonny Evans

The West Brom defender is looking forward to the Euro 2016 tournament with Northern Ireland but he might want to make sure he knows where A & E is out there. Seems to have weak ankles and has suffered 30 different injuries over the years that have required time out, one spell exceeding 70 days.

Michael Essien

The Ghanaian midfielder was an unsung hero wherever he played but when he gets injured he does it big time. Six months out (cruciate ligament) in 2009, plus another month later that year, six months off in 2010 for meniscal damage, six months off again in 2011 for cruciate ligaments. Hard man but with knees made of sugar...  

Kieron Dyer

One of the most talented yet unlucky players of his generation, Dyer spent long periods out injured every season from 2007. Knee-related problems savaged him and just when he was looking for a fresh start at West Ham he suffered a broken leg. 

Mousa Dembele

Dembele has been a mainstay on Tottenham's season but this was not always the case. A catalogue of injuries had left the Belgian powerhouse midfielder on the fringes and seemingly set for the exit - and his 28 different knocks, bumps and bruises were the reason why.

Andy Carroll

West Ham's record signing cannot get a run together and in four seasons with the Hammers has chalked up just 69 appearences and only 17 goals. Knees and groin are his weak spots and the sad sight of the big England striker limping off has become too familiar over the years.

Gabriel Agbonlahor

The Aston Villa striker may have scored in 11 successive Premier League seasons but he has spent a lot of time being repaired. Since 2011 he has piked up an incredible 32 injuries, seven of them groin-related, with his longest spell out being 45 days 


Wes Brown

Once a star for Manchester United and England, big Wes has suffered in his Sunderland years. Three months off in 2009 with a malleor injury. Two months off in 2010 courtesy of a fractured foot. Three months off in 2011 with a knee injury. Sustained a ligament injury in  2012 and spent six months out.

Dean Ashton

The West Ham striker had his ankle broken by Shaun Wright-Phillips while on England duty and missed a year. He never fully recovered and other knocks meant he quit for good after making just 46 appearances for the Hammers in five seasons aged 26


Sergio Aguero

The sight of Sergio Aguero falling to ground or clutching a limb causes blue Manchester to hold its breath. If they could they would wrap the Argentine in cotton wool and bring him out only for big games against non-tackling teams but problems with his legs, knees and ankles seem to keep him out

Daniel Agger

Tough-tackling Liverpool centre back Daniel Agger was rather brittle and struggled to reach 30 games a season. Missed almost the entire 2007 campaign and has since suffered with calf, knee, back and rib injuries that kept him out for long periods

Ibrahim Affelay

Stoke City midfielder Ibrahim Affelay has spent a long time injured: Muscular injuries (two months), a cruciate ligament injury (seven months) and further muscle injuries (two months, and then another four months in recovery from those muscular injuries) are among his salad of injuries

Darren Anderton

Darren Anderton's 12-year spell at Tottenham saw him earn the nickname 'sicknote' but still managed to turn out fo them 335 times  that's 28 matches per season

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