In pictures: Storm Alex marches across Europe, wrecking houses and cars in France and Italy

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After parts of Britain were left battered by Storm Alex over the weekend, parts of Europe have now been badly affected.

At least seven people were killed as widespread flooding destroyed cars and houses in France’s Alpes-Maritimes region, as well as Liguria and Piedmont in Italy.

The death toll was previously believed to be 12 but it later emerged that some of those believed to have died were in fact bodies washed away from a cemetery.

Describing the two storms on the French Riviera as “the worst ever”, French prime minister Jean Castex said 500mm of rain had fallen in a few hours, which “has never been seen since instruments to measure [the rainfall] were introduced”.

Rescuers in France are searching for 21 missing people, while around 700 people in the mountainous region were staying in hotels or other accommodation sites after being evacuated from their homes.

Residents in Breil-sur-Roya have now begun the long task of clearing mud out of shops and homes, while fallen trees are being removed.

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