‘Stranger Things’ Takes Over Comic-Con: See the Stars, the Props, and the Cosplay

Stranger Things just made its first-ever appearance at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have to say, we give this premiere an Eleven. Not only did the new trailer for the Netflix hit make its debut in all of its Ghostbusters-costumed, Dragon’s Lair glory, but the accompanying installation for the show’s sophomore season dominated the convention: The supersized space was loaded with ‘80s artifacts, cosplay costumes, and other essential throwbacks. We even got a Barb shrine — something we didn’t know we needed until we saw it. Scroll through this slideshow to take a walk with us to the Upside Down and beyond.

Stranger Things 2 returns Friday, Oct. 27 on Netflix.

Reunited and It Feels So Good

They’re back! Out favorite Stranger Things kids, Will and Eleven (Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown), are back in this world — for now. And in the spirit of Comic-Con, they also gave us their best cosplay ideas: Millie tells us she’d cosplay as an Eggo waffle, while Will says he’d dress up as a walk-man.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Three Musketeers

Stranger Things veterans David Harbour and Matthew Modine are joined by newcomer Paul Reiser (center) in Yahoo TV’s Comic-Con suite. While we already know Harbour and Modine as Police Chief Jim Hopper and mad scientist Martin Brenner, Reiser joins the Season 2 cast as Owens, a Department of Energy chief tasked with looking into the strange events of the first season.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Wonder Woman Wannabe

Another newbie to the cast, actress Sadie Sink will play a tomboy named Max in the upcoming season of Stranger Things. In real life, her cosplay aspirations include Wonder Woman because she’s “awesome.”

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Here Comes Trouble

Newcomer Dacre Montgomery plays Max’s older stepbrother, Billy. He looks like a nice guy, but be warned: Montgomery says his character is a bit of an antagonist.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Handsome Hopper

Hopper (David Harbour) cleans up nice!

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Breaking Bad Boyfriend

Joe Keery played Nancy Wheeler’s popular high school BF, Steve Harrington, in Stranger Things Season 1. He’ll be back for the second season, but in the meantime, he lists Breaking Bad’s Walter White as his go-to cosplay theme.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Barb Is back

Shannon Purser’s character had a fight with a Demogorgon and lost, but she’ a winner on the Comic-Con carpet.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

First Time for Everything

Matthew Modine is a natural on the Comic-Con red carpet, so it’s hard to believe this is the first time he has ever attended the star-studded pop culture festival.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Duffer Brothers’ Debut

Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer told us even the cast hadn’t seen the Stranger Things trailer until they debuted it in Hall H at Comic-Con.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Demogorgon, Meet Eleven

Cosplayers having some fun at Comic-Con.

(Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images)

Monster Mash

This cosplayer went all out for Comic-Con.

(Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Blonde Moment

Cosplay was in full force as this Stranger Things fan dressed as Eleven — with an Eggo box purse.

(Photo: Chris Pizzello/Invision/ AP)

Mini Fans

Two of Stranger Things’ littlest fans play with their Eleven souvenirs while rocking Dustin hats.

(Photo: Yahoo)

The Doors

Is this the door to the Upside Down? We appreciate the warning signs.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Christmas in July

This Netflix installation of Joyce Byers’s living room just screams the ‘80s.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Fashion Plate

Eleven’s most iconic Season 1 costume is on display at Comic-Con. The only thing missing is the Eggos.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Leggo My…

Never mind, there they are, along with some other Eleven-themed items.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Back to Basics

Boys’ fashion has come a long way since the ‘80s. Here’s Lucas’s basic (very matchy-matchy) outfit from Season 1 of the show.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Mike’s Attire

No trip to the outskirts of the Upside Down is complete without this ensemble.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Hats Off

The telltale hat is a dead giveaway that these are Dustin’s (Gaten Matarazzo) ‘80s threads.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

The Vest is Yet to Come

Will Byers’s multi-colored puffer vest kept him warm in the Upside Down (we hope!).

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

In Memoriam

Barb (Shannon Purser) didn’t survive the first season of Stranger Things (and, sadly, she won’t be seen in Season 2), but the shrine to her memory shows just how much she was loved. RIP.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Playing the Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards and pictures of deceased character Barb Holland at various ages were displayed in the character’s memorial shrine.

(Photo: Yahoo)

And More

More cards, flowers, and pics, as well as a special owl plush toy decorated the late Barb’s memorial.

(Photo: Yahoo)

Goodbye, Girl

A grieving fan pays homage to Barb.

(Photo: Yahoo)

Bronzed Barb

Talk about a gut punch: Barb’s bronzed baby booties.

(Photo: Yahoo)

Bike Ride

Far away from Hawkins, Indiana, the original Season 1 bikes were also on display.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

Your Inner Eleven

Right before Comic-Con visitors entered the makeshift Hawkins, they could pose as Eleven in the Stranger Things poster.

(Photo: Giana Mucci/Yahoo)

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