Shu Qi: My mother used to tell me that I am ugly

18 Mar – Although she is regarded as one of the great beauties in Chinese showbiz nowadays, Shu Qi admitted that there was once a time that she was considered ugly by her own mother.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who sat down for an interview recently, shared that her mother would often complain about her looks when she was younger, saying that Shu was not pretty enough due to her coiled hair and "strange" features that didn't meet the normal standards of beauty.

"My mother would say that I am ugly. She said, "How is it possible for someone to look as ugly as you?"," said Shu.

She also admitted other people have similar opinion about her looks when she started working as a model, with some commenting about her peculiar features. It wasn't until she joined showbiz that Shu was praised for her looks.

However, the actress stated that she has learned a lot in coping with the criticism, and used it to deal with the negative things that came into her life after.

(Photo Source: Shu Qi Instagram)