'Cheeky' Little Tree Snake Removed From Inside Garden Statue by Queensland Snake Catcher

A “cheeky” little tree snake was pulled from a garden statue in Tewantin, Queensland, by a local snake catcher.

Noosa-based snake catcher Luke Huntley took the statue from a residence when he was called to another emergency job, planning to remove the snake and return it to the Tewantin retirement village, where it belonged.

The video shows Huntley hosing the statue to give the snake some “gentle encouragement” and flush the reptile out. The snake pops its head out of the statue before the catcher is able to get a hold of it for a safe removal.

“The ornament had been sitting out the front of their house for 20+ years so breaking it wasn’t an option,” Huntley told Storyful.

“Little bit of coaxing and I got the little fella out. So now the snake goes back out to the bush and the ornament I can return ‘snake free’ back to its owners.” Credit: Snake Catcher Noosa via Storyful