Netanyahu Says Art Installation in Tel Aviv Depicting Him at 'Last Supper' Feast Is a 'Threat'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Twitter that an art installation in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square that depicts him sitting alone at a table in a send-up of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is a “shameful threat of crucifixion.”

Israeli artist Itay Zalait, who reportedly created the installation, said it was meant to symbolize the “last supper of Israeli democracy.”

Zalait has previously installed political art in Rabin Square, including a gold statue of Netanyahu, reports said.

The ‘Last Supper’ depiction includes bottles of expensive alcohol, heaping plates of food, and Netanyahu cutting into a cake of the Israeli flag.

Netanyahu has been criticized for his response to the coronavirus crisis, and there are three corruption cases against him, which include allegations he illegally received gifts of champagne and cigars from affluent businessmen, according to reports. Credit: Orly Cohen via Storyful