South African Family Laugh Nervously as Crocodile Is Removed From Their Pool

A South African family laughed nervously as a crocodile was removed from their home swimming pool, in Moedwil, on January 29.

Jacob Breytenbach recorded a video that shows animal rescue specialists attempting to remove the crocodile.

In this video, the crocodile refuses to surrender as it snaps at a line that is dropped by the specialists. The sudden movement sparks laughter among the onlookers.

The specialists successfully pull the amphibian out of the pool after several attempts. The crocodile rolls on a nearby grass field before it calms down.

Breytenbach’s wife, Angel Breytenbach, told Storyful that she checked her home security camera at around 4:30 am before heading out to feed her animals. She spotted “something large floating” in her pool and called for assistance. She said the crocodile removal staff did a quick job and took the animal to a sanctuary.

“I must applaud everyone for their awesome handling of the situation,” Breytenbach’s wife told Storyful. Credit: Jacob Breytenbach via Storyful

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