Storm Chaser Captures Rare View Directly Under Tornado's Swirling 'Mouth'

A young storm chaser captured the moment a tornado formed over his family house in New Port Richy, Florida, on Tuesday, May 31.

Nicholas Krasznavolgyi was monitoring the storm system inside on a radar before looking out the window and seeing it come towards him.

The young weather photographer then rushed outside with his camera and tripod to film the moment the mouth of the tornado passed over his family home.

Nicholas can heard shouting “it’s a tornado!” at the end of the video, as the storm moves out of the frame of the camera. News outlets reported on other videos of the tornado touching ground several streets away from the Krasznavolgyi’s home.

Nicholas’s mother, Ashli Krasznavolgyi, told Storyful that her son has been “obsessed” with tornadoes and meteorology since the age of four.

“It’s a view not many have been able to witness and fortunately not only did he, but he was able to capture it to share with others,” she said in relation to the video. Credit: Nick Krasznavolgyi via Storyful

Video transcript

- Staring at the mouth of that thing, oh my god.


Really windy [INAUDIBLE].




- What the heck?

- Can it [INAUDIBLE] that for free?

- Yeah.

- Where is he? [INAUDIBLE] here?

- Yeah, [INAUDIBLE].



- Oh my god.



- Look at the tornado. It's a tornado.

- Where? Oh, yeah.