Swansea City: Time to panic?!

What an awful time to be a Swans fan. In September, Swansea failed to win a match and scored just one goal scored in all competitions. It’s definitely time to panic.

Of course, I am joking.

But it does highlight the attitude of a small few who seem to think drastic changes are needed in the starting line-up, the formation and the tactics, so early on in the season.

Looking at the Premier League table, Swansea are sat in the middle with 9 points. A good win on Sunday against Spurs could see them rise to about 6th. Then there would suddenly be talk of storming the top four and perhaps Europe next season.

And that’s where the problem lies. The start of the season was so good - unbeaten all month, beating Man United and Newcastle, a thrilling draw against Chelsea - that expectations were instantly raised beyond the club’s means.

I’ll admit that I got sucked in and put a fiver on Swansea to finish the season in the top four! However as September came to an end I realised my enthusiasm was a little blind, and cashed that bet out for a loss of £2.

I don’t think there is much wrong with the squad. You saw the way they played in August - with passion, skill and urgency. Gomis and Ayew were scoring for fun, and the entire team had a sense of invincibility.

And there’s no denying that over the last month there had been something missing in the side. A little spark. Gylfi Sigurdsson looked lost, Ayew and Gomis scored nothing between them, and the rest of the team seem to be lacking focus.

But while there’s definitely room for improvement, it’s certainly not time to panic! Panic about what anyway? Can you really see Swansea - with the quality in their squad and a manager like Monk at the helm - getting relegated back to the Championship at the end of the season? Me neither.

A win against Spurs on Sunday will completely put this situation to bed and talk of panic will be left to the teams that actually have something to fear.