Nike set to relaunch classic Premier League ball

Nike have launched an official limited edition run of the original Nike Geo Merlin match ball to celebrate the brand’s 20-year partnership with the Premier League.

The Geo Merlin was the very first ball that Nike provided for the Premier League in 2000/01 and was used for two full seasons.

Dubbed the roundest, fastest and most accurate ball ever ball every made when it was first released, 992 goals were scored in the first campaign with a further 1,001 netted the following year.

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Now 600 of the limited edition ‘like-for-like re-make’ of the Geo Merlin will be released globally.

After the original Geo Merlin there were an array of new balls from Nike each season, with the majority coming under the ‘Total 90’ family.

Since then, Nike have gone back to where it all started with the Merlin. Here we take a look at the Premier League balls over the last 20 years.

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