Jason Kelce goes to local McDonald's and makes employee's day by giving her signed jersey

Jason Kelce might or might not have retired after 13 years in the NFL, but he is definitely making the day of residents in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, Kelce drove to his local McDonald's in Broomall — 30 minutes west of Philadelphia — to order his usual sausage, egg and cheese. When he pulled up to the cashier window, he was greeted by a familiar face.

Danielle Bonham has served the Eagles center on multiple occasions, and the pair have taken several photos together during his Mickey D's runs. This time, he decided to do something special for Bonham.

Kelce, who won a Super Bowl with the Eagles and spent his entire career with the franchise, signed a Kelly Green Eagles jersey for Bonham.

"I’m forever grateful and very fortunate to have crossed paths with him as many times as I did, and I just wish him nothing but the best," Bonham told Philadelphia's FOX29.

Residents around Kelce's adopted hometown of Havertown, Pennsylvania, are preparing themselves for the possibility that their time with the Eagles center is coming to an end. Even though Kelce rebuffed reports that he told teammates he was retiring after Philadelphia's 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during his "New Heights" podcast, locals are still bracing themselves.

FOX 29 spoke to several businesses in the township in which Kelce lives, and they raved about his community impact and the difference he has made since he and his family moved there.

"He’s got his footprint all over this town. The flower shop over here, the Wawa, the Kettle down on the boulevard, I mean, he’s all over St. Dennis fair with his kids," Carl Henderson, the owner of Carl's Cards & Collectibles, told the television station. "I’ve seen a lot of athletes come and go, but Jason’s a special dude."

Nick Haselidis, owner of Crust Pizza and Havertown Grille, told ABC 6 that Kelce took it a step further, really getting to know community members and business owners by name.

"All the customers know him," Haselidis said Tuesday. "He knows all the customers by first name. He's just a regular."

Haselidis said that while he's sad the impending news might mean that he and others in the Philadelphia metropolitan area won't get to see Kelce on the field any longer, he does understand that there is more to life than work.

And the silver lining of Kelce stepping away from football is that people around town might have a chance to see more of him, which would be more than welcome.

"He’ll open doors for older people, he’ll approach the kids and offer an autograph, he doesn’t hold back, he’s the kind of person you would hope for in terms of a customer," Haselidis told FOX 29 on Wednesday.

"I know he’s getting older, has a family, that’s the plus of retiring, but the negative is we don’t get to see him on the field anymore. That will, hopefully, mean we see him more here."