19 Of The Most Painfully Confusing Photos To Ever Exist On The Planet

1.Let's start with this perfectly captured moment of a shirtless man who walked past a fountain so it looked like he was wearing a wedding dress:

a shirtless man who walked past a fountain so it looked like he was wearing a wedding dress
u/Imaginary-Midnight56 /

2.And this perfect angle of a person chillin' on a bus bench...

Person sitting on a public bench, hunched over their phone
u/Loose-Astronomer8082 /

With two knees behind him resembling a bare booty:

Person sitting on a red and grey seat on public transport, using a smartphone, another passenger beside, details obscured
u/Loose-Astronomer8082 /

3.This trippy image of a garbage disposal sucking up the soapy water from a kitchen sink that looks identical to a giant eye:

Close-up of a swirling vortex formation in sudsy water going down a drain
u/supremeddit /

4.This mind-boggling photo of a dog that you just can't figure out:

A dog with distinctive facial markings lies on a patterned floor, tilting its head, appearing curious

5.This person who sat in the one place that would perfectly create a LEGO-looking face for themself:

Person in a costume with an elongated head sitting inside a bus next to a screen

6.This person who is being hugged by what looks like another person with a tree growing out of their head:

Two individuals sitting on a curb under a tree, one wearing a yellow top and the other in blue, with a backpack beside them
u/LarryCapija26 /

7.This roof that looks like it has a yard growing out of it:

Driveway with snow on the sides leading to a house, partial view of neighboring houses and trees
u/DontWorryImHer /

8.This person who does not have this face:

Person lounging on a beach chair, holding a book with a photoshopped head of a bearded man over theirs for comedic effect
u/DelightfulHelper9204 /

9.This little lizard who looks like it is parkouring off a cup:

A lizard that appears to be jumping from a cup
u/Pristine_Crazy1744 /

10.This cat who looks like it is missing its front paws:

Cat sitting upright with legs spread out on a textured surface
u/lmarque /

11.And this dog who looks like it is missing its head...

A relaxed brown dog is curled up, sleeping on a patterned cushion on a sofa
u/AngeWasHere /

But that is just how it sleeps:

Brown dog lying on a patterned blanket with its head tucked, not facing the camera
u/AngeWasHere /

12.Here's another animal one — it seems like one very odd dog at a glance, but there's really two of 'em:

A brown and white Boston Terrier wearing a collar with a tag sits beside a window, looking outward with a pensive expression
u/FinnRazzel /

13.This four-wheeler that you'd bet money is floating:

Red and black ATV parked on concrete with an open field and a red utility vehicle in the background
u/castledanger61 /

14.And this bike that you'd be convinced is stuck in quicksand:

Child's green and white bicycle parked on a sidewalk
u/Upper_Character /

15.This plastic bag that you might think is a smooshed cat:

A dirty wet bag that looks like a flattened cat
u/plumbusXXX /

16.These Girl Scout cookies that look life-size:

Stack of Girl Scout cookie boxes outside Denver Beer Co brewery
u/philthyphanatic /

17.This photo of a stadium that legit looks like a UFO:

Snow-covered road leading to a bridge with street lamps on the side
u/PrA2107 /

18.This person whose head just disappeared:

Person wearing large bag over upper body sits on a bench with an emoji in the corner expressing confusion
u/genxdude /

19.And, finally, this cat that I am still trying to figure out:

A ginger cat lying on its back on a grey blanket with paws up in the air
u/reallylikescatzz /