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2023 MLB Season Preview: World Series matchups we want to see

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Hannah and Zach are back with another episode of The Bandwagon before the start of the 2023 MLB regular season. This time, they decide to preview the season by picking the World Series matchups that they would most want to see.

The podcast kicks off with Hannah and Zach closing the book on spring training and telling some of their favorite stories that they never got to write about, including one possible advantage for the Los Angeles Dodgers. They also discuss the secret videos of prospects being told that they’ve made the opening day roster and why they like them so much.

While picking World Series matchups, Hannah goes with Mariners/Padres in the “every outcome is a good outcome” series and Zach picks a sequel to the Yankees/Mets Subway Series because baseball is more fun with a villain (or two) to root against.

Finally, they both bandwagon for some old pitchers in the upcoming season. Zach is watching and rooting for the future HOF pitchers that we’ll get to watch this year (Kershaw, Verlander, Scherzer, Greinke) while Hannah has her eyes set on Johnny Cueto of the Miami Marlins.

00:45 Closing the book on Spring Training

04:30 Secret videos of prospects finding out they made the team

15:25 World Series matchups that we want to see

36:00 Bandwagon: HOF Pitchers

44:40 Bandwagon: Johnny Cueto

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