2025 Acura MDX Finally Ditches Finicky Touchpad for New Touchscreen

  • Acura changes the model lineup for the three-row MDX, adding better audio and driver-assist features.

  • The luxury mid-size SUV gets a light facelift and some bigger changes inside, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen in place of the touchpad.

  • Drivetrain is the same, with engine choices still a 3.5-liter V-6 and a turbo 3.0-liter V-6.

Not much has changed with the 2025 Acura MDX—which is great news, because there was a lot we liked about the 2024 Acura MDX. We thought the powerplants were great, both the standard 290-horse 3.5-liter and the juicier turbocharged 355-hp 3.0-liter in the Type S, each backed by a 10-speed automatic transmission. We also liked its looks and its handling, declaring it "athletic and handsome," a compliment we'd certainly be happy to receive ourselves. So the fact that the 2025 MDX uses the same strong engine options and makes no changes to the undercarriage means it should accelerate, turn, and stop just the way we liked it. The places the new MDX has changed, namely interior and trim model structure, offer improvements to some of the few areas we were less impressed with in the previous model.

Type S Luxury Features Trickle Down

Let's start with the trim levels. Last year, the MDX came in six trim levels (Base, Technology, A-Spec, Advance, Type S, and Type S Advance), offering a range of luxury and performance features. For 2025, the A-Spec Advance is new and comes with the quilted leather and massaging front seats that were previously only available on the Type S. The package also comes with 16-way power seats, a heated second row, a 360-degree camera, more sound-deadening insulation and glass, and a head-up display. Pretty loaded. It slots in between the regular MDX Advance and the Type S. The base Type S has been dropped, leaving only the loaded Type S Advance, which comes with the massaging seats and camera as well as a heated steering wheel and Acura's concert hall on wheels, a 31-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo system. That's six more bangs and olufsens than the outgoing model's 25-speaker ELS system.

2025 acura mdx type s interior
Interior of the 2025 Acura MDX Type S.Sean Rice - Car and Driver

All MDX trims get a few external tweaks, such as a new bumper shape and an opened-up grille with a new mesh design. The A-Spec gets the same nose as the Type S, with a five-point grille and blacked-out trim. All models have a new 20-inch wheel design. The Type S drops the grille surround for a frameless look filled with a wider mesh for more airflow. It gets 21-inch split-spoke wheels which offer plenty of open space to admire the red Brembo four-piston front brake calipers.

Interior Heavy with Tech

The real action is inside, where we find a redesigned center console across all models. Most noticeably for those familiar with the MDX, Acura has ditched the in-console touchpad in favor of a 12.3-inch touchscreen. This opened up more room on the console for usable features like additional storage slots and an easier-to-reach wireless phone charging pad. The screen itself features Google built-in, and supports both wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For music nerds, you get an 11-speaker audio system or, in the higher packages, a 19-speaker Bang and Olufsen. You'll hear it all better no matter which you choose, because there is more insulation and laminated rear glass to keep out road noise.

The rest of the interior will be familiar. It's pleasant and comfortable, with wood and metal accents across many of the trims, and suede-trimmed contrast-stitched leather seats in the Type S. Front seats of any style are roomy and cushioned (with new bolsters in the Type S); the middle row offers heated seats, climate control, and plenty of legroom. The third-row seats are cramped but surprisingly plush in an area that often stretches some upholstery over what feels like a bare board. They're good enough for short family rides, but not ideal for long trips with adult passengers. Rear seats fold down easily for additional cargo room and are well weighted for a quick pull back into position.

2025 acura mdx type s interior
Inside the 2025 Acura MDX Type S. Sean Rice - Car and Driver

There are no changes to the engines, transmission, or suspension, so we can expect performance and mileage numbers to be similar to the 2024 MDX. Based on our testing, that should mean 5.5 seconds to 60 mph for the Type S and 6.4 seconds for the 3.5-liter models, and between 19 and 21 mpg EPA estimated combined mileage. (We saw 16 and 17 mpg combined in our real-world testing of the 2024 models.)

Once again, base and Technology trims have front-wheel drive as standard with all-wheel drive available, and AWD is standard on everything above, including the Type S, which also retains its air suspension and adaptive dampers.

2025 acura mdx type s
Sean Rice - Car and Driver

The last big change for 2025 is in Acura's offered driver aid systems. The 2025 MDX gets an upgraded AcuraWatch suite with a new front camera and new grille-mounted radar, both with a wider field of view to better spot pedestrians and lane markings. Range is also increased for the rear blind-spot-monitoring system.

Pricing for the 2025 models is yet to be released, but it should be soon as the on-sale date is planned for May 2024.

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