2025 Toyota 4Runner Teased Again ahead of Debut on April 9

2025 toyota 4runner roll down rear window teaser
New 4Runner Teased Again, Will Debut on April 9Toyota

Get ready, folks. The new 2025 Toyota 4Runner will be revealed next week on Tuesday, April 9. Toyota today announced the debut date for its popular mid-size SUV along with another teaser, this time a short video showing a couple of the next-generation 4Runner's features.

In a 10-second video clip posted on Toyota's social-media channels, we see the upper rear section of a blue 4Runner as its power rear window slides down to show "April 9." Along with confirming that the new 4Runner will retain its distinctive sliding rear glass and announcing the date the SUV will be revealed, we also get a sneak peek at its interior.

It's no secret that the next-gen Toyota 4Runner will share a platform with the recently redesigned Toyota Tacoma pickup. So obviously the two will share myriad other parts, including the truck's available 14.0-inch touchscreen. That much is clear in today's teaser video, but we can also see from the color of the front seats that the new 4Runner will offer dark brown upholstery that we think looks handsome.

Before today's news, Toyota released a teaser of the '25 4Runner's rear bumper on its Instagram. We also caught an exclusive glimpse of a prototype version of the SUV covered in camouflage while testing in the near Toyota's R&D facility in southeast Michigan. Now we can all look forward to next week when the covers come off and we get our first chance to see new 4Runner in all of its glory.

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