27 Old Tumblr Posts That Are Still So Funny After All These Years, I Promise You'll Laugh

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Tumblr posts of all time, and they didn't disappoint. Here are the hilarious results.

1.This mom who got a bit too overzealous at work:

A screenshot of a text post describing an email sent accidentally, only containing the greeting and phrase "I am afraid."

2.This unfortunate job resume mishap:

Image depicts a humorous email where a person accidentally attaches a photo of Nic Cage instead of a resume to a job application

3.This understandable mixup:


4.This actor's secret:

Meryl Streep's chair on set with a dog sitting in it, humorous caption implying the dog is the actress

5.This dentist who should be fired:


6.This Disney movie pitch:

Tweet joking about a pitch meeting for "Hunchback of Notre Dame," mentioning sexual lust, genocide, religious overtones, and George Costanza

7.This person who probably should have paid attention:

a humorous moment in a math class where a teacher asks a student for the sum of two plus two, and the distracted student incorrectly answers seven

8.This dream scenario:

rolling into my therapists office this week with sunglasses and a pina colada, maurice you're not gonna fucking believe this

9.This utter disaster:

A screenshot of a Tumblr post with humorous personal anecdotes, followed by a meme on accidental soccer ball kicks

10.This genius play on words:

Two social media posts joking about bubonic plague with a pun response, popular engagement shown

11.This unfortunate decision:


12.This, um, interesting comparison:

Image contains a text exchange. One user learns the pupil is a muscle, relating this to seeing a crush. Another user humorously misreads "pupil" as something else

13.This incorrect My Chemical Romance lyric:

A screenshot of a text post where a user shares a humorous anecdote about eating a whole lemon as a child


A screenshot of a Tumblr post with humorous exchanges about mosquitoes and nicknames

15.This philosophical life lesson:


16.This clever child:

Image of a page with a humorous story about a childhood experience involving a weird school punishment system

17.This WILD story:

Text post sharing a humorous story about someone's thumb being bitten by a cat, causing laughter in class

18.This tongue betrayal:

Text post with a humorous anecdote about nearly saying "my fart cone" instead of "my phone in my car."

19.This innocent (but true!) observation:

A screenshot of a Tumblr post with humorous comments about feeling overshadowed by a tall flower

20.This très bien thought:

Meme of two text blocks joking about spelling in French, with a large number of notes indicating popularity



22.This maybe-not-so-sober thought:

Screenshot of a social media post joking about speaking as transferring data by vibrating air; the user humorously inquires about height

23.This awkward question:

how long does someone have to be dead  before it's considred archeology instead of grave robbing

24.This grammar lesson:

Humorous text comparing irregular plural forms of English words with fictional incorrect versions

25.This clever pun:

Several variations of the name Katherine humorously misspelled, ending with "catchkern"

26.This smart proposition:

Text conversation joking about conspiracy theories by escalating the absurdity of beliefs

27.And the truest statement I've ever read:


Did your favorite Tumblr post not make the list? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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