5 Philippe Clement Rangers presser takeaways as he rejects Celtic 'must win' and nips Brendan Rodgers comments in bud

Philippe Clement has rejected the notion that this weekend's clash with Celtic is in the "must win" category.

The Rangers boss was remaining calm in his pre-match press conference this afternoon as he previewed the humungous derby at Parkhead coming tomorrow afternoon. It's been branded an imperative victory for the Light Blues as six points would be a near insurmountable lead for Celts with just two games to go and a superior goal difference on Brendan Rodgers' side.

But Clement was defiant in his thoughts as he explained even a draw would leave his side in the fight to the death. The Belgian suggested even DEFEAT would keep them alive but he did accept that would make it too difficult.

However, when he met the press this afternoon, the manager insisted his side would be going all-out for the points.

Here are Football Scotland's takeaways from his comments.

Latest injury issues

No, nothing new, only Leon Balogun is doubtful. Not sure yet if he will be available or not, we'll see tomorrow. The rest, Connor Goldson is still out, Ryan Jack still not fit enough, he took some minutes with the 18s to get with them again after a long-term injury, Alex Lowry was the same. Oscar Cortes, Rabbi Matondo, Abdallah Sima and Danilo still out so it's quite a list.

Must win?

I don't totally agree with that. If you draw you can still become champions. Even if you lose, but that's a really, really long shot. Too long a shot for me, but we go full for the three points and that's very clear. Doing that then you can make an incredible comeback and you can make a big statement also.

Dealing with Celtic crowd

It's gonna be a hot atmosphere, for sure. Even if I drive on the street now it's hotter than other weeks. No, I'm really confident about that, I have no doubts about that. And you need to love that if you want to be a player here and I know many are, love to play here, and it's a case when you're on the pitch - and I know from the past when I was there - the more people boo or shout at you, the more they are afraid their team doesn't get a result, it works that way. In a way the more they boo tomorrow, the stronger my team are gonna get.

Brendan Rodgers' "fun" comments got under your skin?

No. But to have a comment on every comment that's happening in this town, I don't have many hours to finish with sleep! I don't have many so it's of no use. So no, it's just what I thought at the moment about that. Finished.

Time for VAR review?

Everybody's talking about that there needs a review but I've always said I'm pro-VAR. It makes the game more honest at the end, less false decisions made. But the protocol to make decisions and when and what is the responsibility for VAR and what's the responsibility for the referee there's work to do there. Like there is in everything that's new, we can't forget that. When it first started back then I remember the new rule that you couldn't pass back to the goalkeeper and he could take with his hands. I'm really getting old now if I talk about these things, but those days as a player and the goalkeeper you had to adapt. It's the same with the referees and the people doing VAR, they need to adapt to a new situation, different decision making. But if things become more smooth and it goes faster and better through experience, with more clear protocols, I think it'll be a more honest game and I think everybody wants that."