Aldi Fans Say 'Run Don't Walk' to Grab This Cuisinart Copycat

It's a game changer for outdoor cooking.



For those who live in regions with four seasons, right now is the "get the backyard ready for summer" season. Weekends are now for clearing off patios, retrieving the outdoor furniture from the shed, gardening, and ensuring there's enough wood for the firepit (unless, of course, you spend your weekends at kids' sporting events).

It's also time to inspect the grill and ensure it's in good working condition. And maybe, just maybe, it's time to be a little jealous (just a bit) of those who have both a grill and an outdoor pizza oven to make veggie pizzas with all the vegetables from the garden.

If you find yourself coveting an outdoor pizza oven and you already have a grill, Aldi has you covered for just $30.

Aldi’s Range Master Grill Top Pizza Oven

In Aldi’s Finds aisle, shoppers will find a grill-top pizza oven you can place on top of an existing grill to up your grilled pizza game. Aldi describes the Range Master Grill Top Pizza Oven as a “practical and compact pizza oven” that goes directly on top of a gas or charcoal grill. That’s all you have to do—put it on top of a hot grill, and the grill will heat the oven. An integrated thermometer in the stainless steel oven helps regulate the temperature, and the removable baking stone is easy to clean.



It looks very similar to Cuisinart's Grill Top Pizza Oven, which works the same way, using heat from a hot grill to cook a pizza. The Cuisinart oven costs $149.99—$120 more than Aldi's version.

Cuisinart's oven also comes with an integrated thermometer and a removable baking stone, but it does have one feature the Aldi oven does not—a pizza peel to remove the pizza from the grill-top oven.

Fortunately, Aldi has a Range Master Pizza Set for sale for $12.99. It comes with a pizza peel, a pizza cutter, and a pizza server. Even if you need to purchase the set to go along with the Aldi pizza oven, it's still far less expensive than the Cuisinart version.

Is Aldi's Limited-Time Pizza Oven Worth It?

Aldi's pizza oven and utensil set go on sale in its Aldi Finds aisle on April 17, but they won't be around for long. The items in the Aldi Finds home aisle—which recently had limited-time items such as Williams-Sonoma copycat glassware and Lodge copycat cast iron skillets— are usually around for just a week.

Sometimes, items return a year later, like this pizza oven. One Aldi shopper raved about the grill-top pizza oven on a year-old Reddit thread.

"I'm a fan," they wrote. "Bought mine last year. Frozen pizza ends up being gourmet (ok not really, but it tastes like it). The bottom of the pizza is no longer soggy. I've used with a gas grill, and a regular grill using bioblocks (it's like firewood, but in brick form). Both turned out great."

The Redditor also baked outside the lines and used the pizza oven for salmon, saying cooking it in the pizza oven didn't leave any "residual fish taste" on subsequent pizzas cooked in the oven.

It seems like the pizza oven is pretty versatile, making it even more tempting to run to Aldi the moment they go on sale.

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