Algeria vs Angola LIVE! AFCON match stream, match stream, latest score and goal updates today

Algeria vs Angola LIVE! AFCON match stream, match stream, latest score and goal updates today

Algeria vs Angola - LIVE!

Group D at the Africa Cup of Nations begins tonight as Algeria take on Angola at the Stade de la Paix in Bouake. The opening couple of days of AFCON have already brought some surprising results, with Nigeria held by Equatorial Guinea, Ghana beaten by Cape Verde, and Egypt needing a last-gasp penalty from Mohamed Salah to earn a point against Mozambique.

Algeria will be hoping for less drama here, in a match they are expected to win. They are looking to bounce back from their AFCON horror show two years ago when they crashed out in the group-stage, finishing bottom with just one point and one goal to their name.

It is 12 years since Angola last won an AFCON match, but come into this match on the back of four consecutive goalless draws, suggesting they are capable of making it a frustrating night for Algeria. Follow all the action with Standard Sport's LIVE blog below!

Algeria vs Angola latest news

  • GOAL! Mabululu converts from penalty spot

  • NO GOAL! Stunning Bounedjah strike ruled out for offside

  • GOAL! Bounedjah gives Algeria deserved lead

FT: Algeria 1-1 Angola

22:00 , Matt Verri

Angola hold on for a point!

More frustration at AFCON for Algeria, following on from their results two years ago.

Angola had to come from behind to get a result, really impressive from them. They'll be believing they can reach the knockout stages.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:59 , Matt Verri

90+7 mins: Angola survive!

Mahrez actually lays it off, before Cipriano is forced into a big save. Then a bit of a scramble, turned behind for a corner.

Back in it comes... for another corner!

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:57 , Matt Verri

90+5 mins: Not done yet!

Mahrez inside, onto that left foot... shot is blocked. Defenders basically turned into goalkeepers there, charged down with an arm.

Free-kick on the edge of the area. Step up, Mahrez....

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:54 , Matt Verri

90+2 mins: Angola defending well, sitting deep in their shape. Five more minutes to survive.

Algeria looking a bit desperate - and they've looked really tired in the last 20 minutes or so.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:53 , Matt Verri

90 mins: SEVEN minutes added on!

Algeria not done yet, but they don't really look like creating anything.

That's probably jinxed it - apologies to Angola.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:49 , Matt Verri

87 mins: Clipped to the back post, Slimani is being closely watched but he wins the header.

Huge penalty appeals from Algeria, waved away by the referee. VAR not interested either.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:47 , Matt Verri

85 mins: Mahrez down riiiiiight on the edge of the area. He wanted a penalty - free-kick it is, despite a couple of extra rolls.

Algeria still have time.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:45 , Matt Verri

83 mins: Algeria continue to win plenty of corners - they're into double figures now. Haven't looked particularly dangerous from them though.

And the pattern continues, straight into Cipriano's gloves.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:41 , Matt Verri

79 mins: It's actually Angola who looking more dangerous, plenty of energy on the counter.

A fourth yellow card for Algeria, Atal the latest player into the book for pulling back his man.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:39 , Matt Verri

77 mins: Both sides seem to just be shooting on sight now. Hectic feel - there's still the best part of 15 minutes left.

Is this going to turn into another frustrating AFCON night for Algeria?

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:36 , Matt Verri

74 mins: Angola have definitely dropped deeper since that goal - they'd be delighted with a point.

Ait-Nouri allowed to keep strolling inside, space is there for a shot from 20 yards out. Curls it wide.

Algeria 1-1 Angola

21:32 , Matt Verri

70 mins: Ounas and Slimani are on for Algeria.

Looks like that Mabululu penalty actually did cross the line after hitting the underside of the bar, but he made sure anyway.

Algeria have 20 minutes or so to get themselves back in front.

GOAL! Algeria 1-1 Angola | Mabululu 68'

21:30 , Matt Verri

It's Mabululu to take the penalty, having won it.

Big run-up... hits the bar! But he reacts quickest to score the rebound!

Angola are level, just about.


21:27 , Matt Verri

Well then!

Mabululu goes down and the referee points to the spot. Angola's pressure tells, Bentaleb kicks through him. No complaints.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:25 , Matt Verri

63 mins: Not for the first time tonight, Dala can't provide a finishing touch.

Skips away from the challenge, side of the area and looks like he actually goes for goal. Poor decision, as he sends the ball high into the stands.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:21 , Matt Verri

59 mins: That free-kick comes to nothing, but Angola have another one. Bentaleb drags his man back - already on a yellow card. Needs to be careful.

Fredy standing over the ball. Too much on it, punched away by Cipriano.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:18 , Matt Verri

56 mins: Angola having a decent spell here, enjoying a bit of time in the Algeria half.

Mahrez then trips up Quinito, Angola will ping this into the box.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:14 , Matt Verri

52 mins: Bennacer with the run in behind, looks to cross it in on the stretch but instead catches Gaspar high.

Free-kick... and a yellow card for the midfielder.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:13 , Matt Verri

51 mins: Ait-Nouri with a nice bit of skill out wide, wins a free-kick in a great position.

Belaili to swing it in... miles over everyone and out of play. The standard look down at the pitch, got to have something to blame.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

21:10 , Matt Verri

48 mins: Quick break from Angola, space is there for them.

Fredy slides the pass wide to Luvumbo, who lashes an effort over the bar.

Referee books Bentaleb, who made a really poor challenge earlier in the move.

Back underway!

21:06 , Matt Verri

Up and running for the second-half!

How Algeria took the lead

20:53 , Matt Verri

Confident finish from the Algerian striker, who has come alive whenever he's been given the ball near goal.

HT: Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:51 , Matt Verri

Belaili close to doubling the lead, whips an effort just wide of the far corner. Didn't quite curl enough.

That'll do it for the first half.

Bounedjah opened the scoring with a lovely finish and then looked to have an outrageous second, as he pulled off an overhead kick. Offside flag was eventually raised though.

Algeria will be very satisfied with that 45 minutes, regardless.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:48 , Matt Verri

45+2 mins: A bit of good, a bit of bad.

Atal slides in and makes a brilliant interception, just as Angola looked to have space to counter.

But he gets a bit carried away with things, and opts to try his luck from about 40 yards out. Well over the bar.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:47 , Matt Verri

45 mins: Four minutes added on.

Had a couple of stoppages for head injuries in this first-half.

Algeria still firmly in control, but Angola are starting to offer a bit more of a threat on the break.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:44 , Matt Verri

42 mins: Dala makes a good in behind, turns well and creates space for the shot in the box. Drags it well wide though, poor from the Angola striker.

At the other end, Algeria win yet another corner after a clever pass from Mahrez is poked behind.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:42 , Matt Verri

41 mins: Angola making a change - Paz is off, Mabululu on in his place.

Didn't look to be an injury for Paz, could well just be a tactical change.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:40 , Matt Verri

39 mins: Bounedjah has been so impressive.

One goal scored, one disallowed, and now very nearly makes something out of nothing. Cross is fired into the box, Bounedjah manages to flick a header towards the far corner... loops onto the roof of the net.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:38 , Matt Verri

37 mins: Lots of niggly fouls, not a lot of flow to the match.

Fredy the latest to give away a cheap free-kick, he thought he had won the ball back off Fredy.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:36 , Matt Verri

34 mins: Mahrez lays the ball off for Belaili to hit from the free-kick, but Chaibi gets himself involved instead. Belaili less than impressed.

At the other end, Bensebaini now also into the book. Caught Dala in the air as they challenged.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:34 , Matt Verri

32 mins: Fortuna wins the ball back off Atal, but catches the Algeria with a swinging arm as he looks to drive away.

Yellow card for the Angola defender.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:33 , Matt Verri

31 mins: Neither side looking particularly secure when dealing with long balls.

It's Angola this time who float a ball over the top, Fredy gets on the end of it but he fires over from six-yards out on the stretch.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:30 , Matt Verri

29 mins: Replays show Bounedjah was a left boot offside as he made the run in behind. Cruel sport.

Lots to like about this Algeria performance though - much better already than anything they produced two years ago.


20:26 , Matt Verri

That is a tragedy.

Ball clipped to Bounedjah, one touch to bring it down on his chest and a second to smack an overhead kick into the back of the net.

Officials initially seem to give it, but then the offside flag is up. A real shame.

Algeria 1-0 Angola

20:22 , Matt Verri

21 mins: Angola win a free-kick, chance for them to float something into the box.

Aimed at Gaspar, he wins the header but can only nod the ball straight out of play for a goal-kick.

GOAL! Algeria 1-0 Angola | Baghdad Bounedjah 18'

20:20 , Matt Verri

Algeria take the lead!

Ruthless. Ball over the top, Angola can't cut it out and Bounedjah is in.

It's a lovely first-time finish too, gives the goalkeeper no chance.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:19 , Matt Verri

18 mins: More like it from Angola.

Dala played in down the left, pace takes him away from the defenders and into the box. His shot is deflected behind for a corner, he immediately turns to the fans and asks for more noise. He gets it too.

Corner swung in, too close to Mandrea and he claims it.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:16 , Matt Verri

15 mins: Belaili has been a busy man in these opening 15 minutes, plenty of Algeria's attacks coming down that left wing.

Space opens up for him, 25 yards out. Hammers a shot at goal, blocked.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:13 , Matt Verri

11 mins: Second corner in quick succession for Algeria.

Taken short, and Algeria are forced all the way back to the halfway line. Not a particularly impressive routine.

The favourites have made a strong start, but Mahrez has been very quiet.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:11 , Matt Verri

9 mins: Angola really being pushed back, just about hanging on.

Ball played wide to Belaili, who cuts inside and curls an effort towards the far corner. Parried away.

Ait-Nouri then shoots from distance, deflected wide.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:09 , Matt Verri

7 mins: Algeria starting to build the pressure now.

It's Chaibi this time who times his run nicely, ball clipped over to him but he can't hit the target with his volley. Very tight angle.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:06 , Matt Verri

5 mins: Belaili in behind the Angola defence, does well to keep the ball in.

Then does less well to shank his attempt at a cross straight out of play.

Algeria 0-0 Angola

20:04 , Matt Verri

2 mins: Angola looking to get numbers forward when they do win the ball, not just sitting back.

As expected though, it's Algeria dominating possession in the early stages.


20:01 , Matt Verri

We're underway!

Here we go!

19:58 , Matt Verri

Teams are out onto the pitch, anthems are done. Fairly decent crowd in, and they're making a good noise.

We're pretty much ready to get up and running in this opening Group D encounter.

Big sides struggling

19:53 , Matt Verri

We've had six matches at the tournament so far.

Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana and Cameroon have all already dropped points.

That's a clear warning for Algeria - they need to be at it right from the start.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Not long now!

19:47 , Matt Verri

Kick-off coming up in just under 15 minutes.

A nice understated entrance from Angola when they arrived at the stadium earlier this evening. 1-0 Angola.

Stage is set!

19:42 , Matt Verri

There's currently more people inside the stadium than when they filmed this, I promise...

Mahrez the key man

19:39 , Matt Verri

No surprise that Algeria will turn to Riyad Mahrez and hope he can deliver for them tonight.

The winger has been in good form in Saudi Arabia this season, scoring eight goals in 19 Pro League appearances.

He'll be looking to carry that into this tournament.

 (TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Ima)
(TT News Agency/AFP via Getty Ima)

Angola to upset the odds?

19:30 , Matt Verri

It's now 14 years since Angola made it out of the group-stage at an Africa Cup of Nations.

They have failed to win a match in the last two tournaments they have qualified for, but Pedro Goncalves is still eyeing a deep run.

"We know if we win twice, we qualify," the Angola boss said.

"We will see where our performance and capacity will take us to but I believe we can qualify from the group and try to win in the knockout phase.

"If you do that then you have the ability to go to the finals. Let’s see."

Lower expectations for goals...

19:17 , Matt Verri

As we mentioned earlier, Angola do love a goalless draw, with four of those on the bounce coming into the tournament.

This will be the second time these two nations have faced each other at the Africa Cup of Nations.

The first came in 2010. Score? 0-0.

Strap in.

Angola team news

19:06 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Cipriano; Gaspar, Balanga, Buatu, Nurio; Loide; Ribeiro, Bruno, Cafumana; Luvumbo, Dala.

Subs: Antonio, Manuel, Vieira, Mukendi, Salvador, Joao, Monteiro, Jesus, Bela, Paciencia, Lameira, Afonso

Algeria team news

19:04 , Matt Verri

Starting XI: Mandrea, Atal, Ramy, Mandi, Ait Nouri, Chaibi, Bentaleb, Bennacer, Mahrez, Bounedjah, Belaili.

Subs: M'Bolhi, Guitoun, Tougai, Touba, Zerrouki, Feghouli, Aouar, Ounas, Slimani, Boudaoui, Belaid, Larouci

Goncalves assesses Angola's group-stage hopes

18:53 , Matt Verri

Angola boss Pedro Goncalves knows his side face three difficult matches in Group D.

He said: "We are not the favorite but we have our chances, Algeria are surely the super favorites.

"Burkina Faso have been doing great job in the last five tournaments; twice in the semi and once in the final. They are really consistent.

"With Mauritania, we have played a lot against them recently, they are with a big investment and they are growing."

Mahrez: We need to show our best form

18:41 , Matt Verri

Riyad Mahrez is confident that Algeria are ready to deliver at the tournament - but warned their good preparation will count for nothing if they fail to deliver when it matters.

"Pressure is a normal thing in football, but what I can say is that we are ready," Mahrez said at a pre-match press conference.

"The group dynamics are very positive, but ultimately, it comes down to winning matches, and we will do everything possible to achieve that."

"We have had excellent preparation and a productive training camp. However, what will truly help us win matches is our performance on the pitch, and we will demonstrate that on Monday."

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Angola like a goalless draw

18:28 , Matt Verri

Wouldn't necessarily be expecting a huge amount of goals tonight.

Angola's last four matches - 0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0-0.

They like to keep things tight, to put mildly. Algeria are going to have to work hard to break them down.

Algeria must improve

18:17 , Matt Verri

Safe to say it wasn't a particularly impressive showing from Algeria at the Africa Cup of Nations two years ago.

They were well-fancied for a deep run, but started with a goalless draw with Sierra Leone and then were beaten 1-0 by Equatorial Guinea.

That piled on the pressure heading into the final group-stage match against the Ivory Coast, which they lost 3-1.

Bottom of the group. Early exit.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

So far today...

18:07 , Matt Verri

Senegal eased to a 3-0 win over Gambia earlier this afternoon.

It's currently half-time in the second match of the day, with Cameroon 1-0 down against Guinea. However, Guinea captain Francois Kamano has been sent off.

Standard Sport prediction

17:56 , Matt Verri

Algeria will be desperate to lay down a marker from the outset here and ensure there is no chance of any repeat of their epic failure from 2021.

Minnows Angola do not score many but don't tend to concede too many either, coming into this tournament on the back of four successive 0-0 draws including in a warm-up friendly against the DR Congo.

We expect Algeria to dominate proceedings in this one, but that might not be quite reflected on the scoreboard by the end of the game with so many of these early fixtures tending to be settled by the odd goal.

Algeria to win, 1-0.

Angola team news

17:49 , Matt Verri

Pedro Goncalves' Angola are crucially without Fiorentina forward M’bala Nzola, who has decided to snub the AFCON call-up due to family reasons having been included in the preliminary group.

Former Birmingham striker Jeremie Bela is in the squad, but ex-Wolves duo Helder Costa and Ivan Cavaleiro aren't included.

Algeria team news

17:45 , Matt Verri

AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer is back for Algeria in a huge boost following knee surgery that kept him out from May until December, with the likes of Riyad Mahrez, Roma's Houssem Aouar, Islam Slimani, Ramy Bensebaini, Rayan Ait-Nouri, Nabil Bentaleb and Sofiane Feghouli among the regulars in Djamel Belmadi's squad.

Union SG's Mohamed Amoura and Fares Chaibi of Eintracht Frankfurt are lesser-known talents that could shine at this tournament.

West Ham's Said Benrahma is among the most notable absentees, meanwhile.


How to watch Algeria vs Angola

17:37 , Matt Verri

TV channel: In the UK, Monday's game will be televised live on Sky Sports Premier League, with coverage beginning at 7:55pm GMT ahead of an 8pm kick-off.

Live stream: Subscribers can also watch the match live online via the Sky Go app.

Live blog: You can follow all the action right here with us!

Good evening!

17:31 , Matt Verri

Hello and welcome to Standard Sport's LIVE coverage of Algeria vs Angola!

Group D of the Africa Cup of Nations gets underway tonight, with Algeria looking to make a strong start and avoid a repeat of two years ago, when they finished bottom of their group and crashed out.

We'll have all the latest updates, build-up and team news ahead of kick-off, which comes at 8pm GMT from the Stade de la Paix.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)