Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller LIVE: Qatar Open result and reaction as Murray battles into semi-final

Andy Murray came from a set down to beat Alexandre Muller in the Qatar Open quarter-finals  (Getty Images)
Andy Murray came from a set down to beat Alexandre Muller in the Qatar Open quarter-finals (Getty Images)

Andy Murray continued his remarkable run in the Qatar Open as he battled past Alexandre Muller in three sets for a place in the semi-finals in Doha.

The Brit lost a gruelling first set in 56 minutes in the quarter-final before stepping up his level of play to triumph 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 and set up a semi-final against Czech 21-year-old Jiri Lehecka, who beat top seed Andrey Rublev in his own last-eight clash.

Frenchman Muller is the world No 170 and was playing his first quarter-final on the main tour but showed far more quality than that CV suggests as he had the three-time grand slam winner in trouble early on. The 35-year-old found his groove however and is now just two wins away from a first ATP tour title since victory in Antwerp, Belgium in 2019.

It was another gutsy performance from Murray, who won a third straight three-set contest in Doha, having already battled past world No 16 Alexander Zverev in the second round and saved three match points on the way to an epic first-round triumph against Italian Lorenzo Sonego.

Relive the action from Andy Murray’s quarter-final win in Qatar below:

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller - Qatar Open quarter-final live updates

  • Andy Murray beats Alexandre Muller 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 in the Qatar Open quarter-finals

  • Murray won his third straight three-set match, this time from a set down as world No 170 Muller battled hard

  • Murray will face Jiri Lehecka in the semi-finals tomorrow

  • DECIDING SET MURRAY! Murray 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 Muller - Murray dominates decider to take the win

  • SECOND SET MURRAY! Murray 4-6, 6-1 Muller - Murray races to 6-1 win to force another decider

  • OPENING SET MULLER! Murray 4-6 Muller - Muller wins the first set from 2-0 down

Andy Murray beats Alexandre Muller

15:58 , Luke Baker

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Andy Murray reaction

15:56 , Luke Baker

Here’s some quickfire post-match reaction from Andy Murray after his victory.

“I had to start going for my shots a lot more. In the first set, I wasn’t doing enough with the ball, he was dictating the points and making me run. I’ve played a lot of tennis the past few months, so that didn’t give me the best chance to win. I became more attacking, came to the net more when I had the chance to step up.

“He [Muller] has had an excellent tournament, coming through qualifying. He’s had good wins over years, beating Gasquet and Tsonga, so I knew it would be a tough match. He plays very well and with more experience, hopefully he will be here more often.

[on Jiri Lehecka in the semi-finals]: “He started the year extremely well and did very well at the Australian Open. He’s one of best young players on the tour. A great ball-striker, so it will be a big test for me but hopefully I can put in a good performance.”

Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 6-2 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BEATS MULLER IN THREE SETS

15:47 , Luke Baker

This will surely be the final game of this match. Murray has looked untouchable on serve in this deciding set.

It’s ruthless from the Brit as he cruises into a 40-0 lead to bring up three match points. It’s there! A deep backhand can’t be returned, seals the victory and brings Muller’s career week to an end.


*Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 5-2 Alexandre Muller

15:43 , Luke Baker

To his credit, Alexandre Muller still in there fighting. An amazing point at 15-15 ends with the Frenchman digging out a backhand winner down the line.

Murray’s stunning return makes it 30-30 but good work by the underdog moving him side to side brings up game point before a crunching cross-court forehand at least makes Murray serve out the match

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 5-1 Alexandre Muller*

15:39 , Luke Baker

Murray has stepped it up and shown his enduring quality in these last couple of sets. He looks too good for Muller now and the expected gap between a three-time grand slam winner and the world No 170 is starting to appear.

The Murray serve suddenly looks too big for his opponent. Opens with an unreturned first serve and some powerful groundstrokes put him in control of pretty much every point. A hold to love.

He’s now just a game away from winning this match...

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 4-1 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BREAKS AGAIN

15:35 , Luke Baker

Another long rally goes the way of Murray and you can almost visibly see the confidence seeping out of his opponent. Good battling by Muller though as he hangs in rallies to win a couple of points.

Battles his way to 40-30 when Murray goes narrowly wide with a backhand but a sublime return of serve from the Brit gets it to deuce.

Patience from Murray, slices and sweeps while picking his spot to earn a break point for a double break. Mammoth rally, great defence by Muller as he keeps replying to Murray’s powerful groundstrokes and it’s SAVED as Murray shanks wide.

Another break point with a powerful passing shot that can’t be returned and this time the 35-year-old takes it! Muller nets and MURRAY HAS A DOUBLE BREAK!

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 3-1 Alexandre Muller*

15:27 , Luke Baker

“COME ON”s and fist pumps aplenty now for Murray who is getting fired up. The first grunts of frustration coming back from the other end of the court as well.

Murray races into a 40-0 lead with a big ace and then does the same in the other court. A love hold in absolutely no time, break consolidated. Murray looking to get this match done

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 2-1 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BREAKS!

15:24 , Luke Baker

Murray is cooking now. Stunning forehand pass down the line, on the run gets the crowd excited and takes him to 0-30. Muller’s back is against the wall here.

Good work to earn two break points. And he only needs one! Mistake on the forehand by Muller who is struggling with the number of balls Murray is getting back in court and MURRAY BREAKS!

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Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 1-1 Alexandre Muller*

15:20 , Luke Baker

Oof! Big net cord to give Muller the point but Murray takes control of the game from there. He holds to 15 and the pressure reverts back to his opponent.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1, 0-1 Alexandre Muller

15:17 , Luke Baker

Muller serving first in this decider. Could that be a factor?

The Frenchman has found himself at least 2-0 down in both sets so far and is pushing to avoid the same here. He’s wild with a forehand that slams wide for 15-15, then long with another...

Good smash for 30-30 but Murray hits back and forces an early break point. SAVED! First serve down the middle is netted. But more brilliance from Murray, producing a great defensive lob and bringing up another break point.

Gets a look at a second serve... But pushes too much and thumps a backhand long. “Come on” of frustration from Murray as it’s SAVED! Good wide serve and then another netted serve sees Muller escape with a hold.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1 Alexandre Muller

15:09 , Luke Baker

That was much better from Murray and it wouldn’t be an Andy Murray match in 2023 without a deciding set! Here we go again!

All the momentum with the Brit at least

Andy Murray 4-6, 6-1 Alexandre Muller* - MURRAY WINS THE SECOND SET

15:07 , Luke Baker

A punishing rally on the opening point but Murray comes up with a brilliant passing backhand down the line as he guides it past Muller. Sublime.

Big serve for 30-0 and another brings up three set points. Only one required! MURRAY WINS THE SECOND SET TO FORCE A DECIDER!

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 5-1 Alexandre Muller

15:05 , Luke Baker

More trouble on serve for Muller as he’s forced to 30-30 but a narrow line call goes against Murray and an unreturned serve gets the Frenchman on the board for the second set.

Murray will be confident of seeing this set out here though.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-6, 5-0 Alexandre Muller*

15:00 , Luke Baker

All Murray now. He’s upped the quality in the second set and picks out a winner with a well-struck forehand before a sliced drop shot gives the underdog no chance.

Big ace down the ‘t’ and another to follow is a simple hold to 15. He’s a game away from taking us to a decider after just 23 minutes of this second set.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 4-0 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BREAKS AGAIN

14:57 , Luke Baker

Murray moves to 40-30 as he puts some pressure on Muller’s serve and that forces an error from the Frenchman to bring up deuce.

Murray’s backhand has been exquisite in this set and he uses it to bring up break point. Patience suffocates Muller and he goes long as MURRAY BREAKS AGAIN. An all-important double break.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-6, 3-0 Alexandre Muller*

14:50 , Luke Baker

Murray has clearly decided to play more on the front-foot in this second set. He was ‘on the attack’ just 14 per cent of the time in the opening set apparently but already, it’s up to 34 per cent in the second.

He’s dictating these points now and the errors are coming from his unheralded opponent. Although the world No 170 still coming up with some absolutely belting shots - a gorgeous disguised drop shot gives Murray no chance.

A promising game on the whole though as Murray holds to 15 and he’s halfway to this second set already. Really putting his foot on the accelerator.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6, 2-0 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BREAKS

14:47 , Luke Baker

Aggressive ball-striking early in the second set from Murray and it’s paying dividends. Overpowers the Frenchman to make it 0-30 with a stunning cross-court backhand winner.

WOW! What a passing shot by Muller as Murray ventures forward but then he slices long and it’s two break points for the Brit.

It’s there! An aggressive return, netted by his opponent and MURRAY BREAKS. Great start to the second set, although 2-0 proved to be a dangerous scoreline in the opener...

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

14:43 , Luke Baker

Alexandre Muller wins the first set

Andy Murray 4-6, 1-0 Alexandre Muller*

14:42 , Luke Baker

Can Murray hit back after that 56-minute first set that ended in defeat? Surely Muller’s level will have to dip at some point, right? Right...?

Great shot to win the opening point of the second set by Muller but with the crowd clearly on his side, Murray hits back and take the first game to 15. An important hold as he tries to take back control of this contest

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 4-6 Alexandre Muller - MULLER WINS THE FIRST SET

14:37 , Luke Baker

WHAT A POINT! Exquisite defence by Murray but eventually the brick wall at the other grinds him down and finishes it with a forehand down the line. Muller two points away from the opening set.

Murray gets on the board by coming to the net and finishing with the smash before a gorgeous whipped lob leaves Muller flat-footed. 30-30...

Serve out wide and then going back behind Murray brings up set point for the qualifier. He WINS IT! Murray nets and Alexandre Muller WINS THE OPENING SET 6-4!

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 4-5 Alexandre Muller*

14:30 , Luke Baker

Murray does what he needs to and forces Muller to serve the set out with a good hold to 30.

He was in a bit of trouble at 15-30 but dictates the next point from the baseline before a big first serve and an ace see things out. Strong work by the favourite. Muller will serve for the opening set though.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 3-5 Alexandre Muller

14:26 , Luke Baker

A gruelling opening point but Murray wins it as Muller appears to hit the wall. The crowd roar their approval. If Murray can start dominating those physical points, he’ll get back on top in this match.

The tide looks to be turning here, Muller finds the net with an unforced forehand error and it’s two break back points for the Brit.

First one SAVED with an aggressive decision to come forward and after another lengthy rally in which he digs in, the Frenchman SAVES the second as well. Murray screams at himself to “hit it” after finding the net. Muller holds on to take the game and that feels like a missed opportunity for Murray.

Muller a game away from the set now

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 3-4 Alexandre Muller*

14:19 , Luke Baker

That will help! A big swinging serve out wide for an ace gives Murray a free point for 30-15 but a careless netted backhand on the next gives Muller another look at 30-30.

The Frenchman is dictating the points at the moment, worryingly. Better work to close down the net and bring up game point but a brilliant get by Muller to dig out a defensive forehand that clips the baseline forces deuce.

Beautifully-constructed point as Murray drifts into the net to put away the backhand. Gutsy, much-needed hold for the Scot.

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 2-4 Alexandre Muller

14:15 , Luke Baker

Worrying signs for Murray fans in that he looks to be blowing hard already. Not a surprise after back-to-back lengthy three-setters in the previous couple of days. He hasn’t won a game since the second game of the match - can he restore some order here?

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 2-4 Alexandre Muller

14:13 , Luke Baker

This first set has completely flipped on its head, as Muller has racked up three games on the spin. He moves Murray side to side with pinpoint groundstrokes to move to 15-15 in his latest service game.

Murray gasping for air after another physical point sees the score move to 30-30. The Brit’s defensive work is as relentless as ever but eventually he folds and nets a forehand before leaning on his racket with fatigue at 40-30. Good response to force deuce though.

Muller does the job though and consolidates his break.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 2-3 Alexandre Muller* - MULLER BREAKS

14:06 , Luke Baker

Muller going for his shots early on here, which as world No 170 is probably not a bad plan. It’s bringing him winners but also causing some mistakes - live by the sword, die by the sword.

Murray races to a half-court drop shot after a long rally but his forehand clips the top of the net and spins out. Murray is livid as he screams with frustration.

Muller then brings up two break points. First one SAVED but the second one is taken after good work on the groundstrokes. MULLER BREAKS AGAIN!

*denotes next to serve

*Andy Murray 2-2 Alexandre Muller

14:01 , Luke Baker

That was a superbly-played game by Muller and a great way to settle into the match. He roared with delight after breaking back.

Suddenly he’s full of confidence and serve-and-volleys on the opening point of this fourth game! Finishes the point with a smash and then comes to the net to put away a forehand volley on the next point.

A relatively comfortable hold in the end. Murray needs to regain his footing here.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 2-1 Alexandre Muller* - MULLER BREAKS BACK

13:57 , Luke Baker

Some positive groundstrokes from Muller as he peppers Murray with a succession of forehands before finding a winner. He gives himself half a chance by getting to 30-30 and Murray then chunters to himself as he drifts a sliced backhand long to bring up a break back point.

And it’s taken with a scintillating backhand winner down the line by Muller when he appeared to be on the back foot. MULLER BREAKS BACK.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:53 , Luke Baker

Here was Murray’s entrance on to centre court in Doha. The marathon man back for more. It’s been a brilliant opening to the match for the Brit.

*Andy Murray 2-0 Alexandre Muller - MURRAY BREAKS

13:51 , Luke Baker

A first look at Muller’s serve for Sir Andy. Murray said he would get his coaches to look at Muller’s style ahead of the match to try and find a weakness to exploit.

Nothing early on to suggest too many problems for the Brit and the pair trade points on a couple of long-ish rallies before Muller puts away a half-court ball with a powerful cross-court backhand to go 30-15.

But that’s great work by Murray as he gets a lot of balls in court and forces mistakes from the Frenchman for 30-40. A first break point but it’s SAVED! Murray nets, much to his chagrin.

After another deuce, Murray earns a second break point and this one he takes! Muller nets and MURRAY BREAKS. What a start.

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray 1-0 Alexandre Muller*

13:45 , Luke Baker

That will work as a start! First serve of the match is an ace down the ‘t’ for Murray. The next point is a much longer rally but aggressive groundstrokes from Murray force the mistake for 30-0.

Muller goes long and then Murray puts away a forehand volley for a simple hold to love. Perfect start for the Brit

*denotes next to serve

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:42 , Luke Baker

Warm-ups completed. Murray to serve first. The draw has opened up for him, with world No 170 in his first main tour quarter-final Alexandre Muller today and 21-year-old Jiri Lehecka awaiting in the semi-finals...

Let’s do this!

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:40 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray has always been one to never say die but it feels like he’s taken his battling qualities to almost comedic new heights this season.

After his slew of marathons at the Australian Open, he’s had a pair of three-set epics to reach the quarter-finals this week. He saved match points against Lorenzo Sonego before triumphing in round one, then went deep again against Alexander Zverev yesterday.

Another odyssey today or can he get the job done in more serene fashion? Time will tell.

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:39 , Luke Baker

The coin toss is done and done electronically... Because, why not I guess...

Muller correctly calls ‘Qatar’ (his options were Qatar or falcon...) and opts to receive so Murray will be serving first. A quick warm-up and then we’ll be underway.

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:36 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray and Alexandre Muller have never faced each other before, which perhaps isn’t a surprise given that Muller has never reached a main-tour quarter-final before.

There are 100 places between them in the world rankings, with Frenchman Muller down at 170 compared to Murray’s 70. Muller shouldn’t be underestimated though as he has beaten wily campaigner Nikoloz Basilashvili and eighth seed Botic van de Zandschulp in Doha this week.

“He’s obviously had a good week this week,” Murray said of his upcoming opponent following yesterday’s win over Alex Zverev. “Coming through qualifying, he will have played four matches now, so obviously likes these conditions.

“My coach will obviously watch some video and stuff to get a bit more familiar with his game, but it’s an opportunity for me in the quarters.”

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:36 , Luke Baker

Here come the players! Tremendous reception for two-time Qatar Open winner Andy Murray. This could be a fun one.

Who’s playing at the Qatar Open?

13:32 , Luke Baker

The Qatar Open is an ATP Tour 250 event, but it’s attracted a star-studded entry list.

Top Seeds:

Andrey Rublev (1) - ELIMINATED

Felix Auger Aliassime (2)

Daniil Medvedev (3)

Alexander Zverev (4) - ELIMINATED


Andy Murray

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:30 , Luke Baker

Jiri Lehecka has wrapped things up against Andrey Rublev. The Czech star triumphed 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 and that means the 21-year-old will face the winner of Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller in the semi-finals tomorrow.

Murray and Muller will be on court imminently. Let’s get it on!

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:25 , Luke Baker

How can I watch it?

Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch a live stream of the Qatar Open match on Amazon Prime Video.


Andy Murray win 1/3

Alexander Zverev win 9/4


The pair have never met before but Murray unsurprisingly heads into the encounter as the favourite. There will be concerns about his physical condition given the hard-fought nature of his two previous matches and his powers of recovery will no doubt be tested. This will be Muller’s first appearance in a main tour quarter-final and that lack of experience - compared to Murray - may well cost him in this match. Murray to win in three sets.

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

13:18 , Luke Baker

We’re getting closer to Murray heading on to court. Jiri Lehecka has been playing superbly in his deciding set against Andrey Rublev.

He’s a game away from victory at 5-2. Remember, Murray vs Muller follows this match

Novak Djokovic gives update on plans to compete in the US unvaccinated

13:16 , Luke Baker

In other news in the world of tennis, Novak Djokovic says he is hoping for a “positive decision” after applying for special permission to enter the United States unvaccinated in order to compete in Indian Wells and Miami next month.

The US vaccine requirement for foreign visitors is not expected to be lifted before the start of Indian Wells on March 9, which means Djokovic is set to miss the prestigious ATP Masters event for the second straight year, as well as the tournament in Miami.

Djokovic was allowed to enter the Australian Open last month after the country relaxed its Covid rules but says his plans to compete in the US for the first time since 2021 remain uncertain.

“My plans after Dubai depend on the US. I’m waiting for a reply, it’s not on me. I will know soon,” Djokovic said at a press conference in Belgrade on Wednesday.

“Everything is in process. I’m thankful to the Indians Wells and Miami communities for their support. They would like me to be able to play in their tournaments. I’m looking forward to a positive decision coming soon, but it’s not in my hands.”

Andy Murray takes down Alex Zverev to reach Qatar Open quarter-finals

13:10 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray turned back the clock to dump fourth seed Alexander Zverev out of the Qatar Open and force his way into the quarter-finals in Doha.

The 35-year-old Scot produced a performance of customary grit to edge past Zverev 7-6 (5), 2-6, 7-5 in a gruelling contest lasting more than three hours.

His reward is a last-eight showdown with French qualifier Alexandre Muller.

Read more:

Andy Murray battles past Alexander Zverev to reach quarter-finals of Qatar Open

Rublev vs Lehecka

12:55 , Luke Baker

Some bad news for Murray fans. Jiri Lehecka pulled out a break of serve at 5-4 up to take the second set. So, he and Andrey Rublev are going the distance to a third.

Murray won’t be on court for probably another 45 minutes at least now. We shall wait patiently.

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

12:46 , Luke Baker

Murray and Muller are second on centre court in Doha this afternoon. It’s Andrey Rublev and Jiri Lehecka currently doing battle in the day’s opening quarter-final.

Rublev edged the first set 6-4 and they’re currently at the business end of the second set, so if Rublev can finish the job then Murray will be heading out imminently but we may have to wait a while if Lehecka forces a third set.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

What time is Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller at Qatar Open?

12:42 , Luke Baker

Andy Murray is aiming to continue his strong week in Doha and march on at the Qatar Open when he faces Alexandre Muller for a place in the semi-finals.

On Wednesday, the 35-year-old Scot produced another gutsy performance as he battled past world number 16 Alexander Zverev to win in three sets in the second round. Prior to that, Murray saved three match points on the way to an epic first-round victory against Italian Lorenzo Sonego.

Frenchman Muller is the world No 143 and reached the quarter-finals after wins against Nikoloz Basilashvili and eighth seed Botic van de Zandschulp.

The match will be Muller’s first quarter-final on the main tour with victory securing him a new career-high ranking. Murray, meanwhile, will be chasing his first ATP Tour tournament win since his victory in Antwerp, Belgium in 2019.

Here’s everything you need to know:

What time is Andy Murray vs Muller at Qatar Open?

Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller

12:31 , Luke Baker

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of Andy Murray vs Alexandre Muller at the Qatar Open.

Today’s quarter-final match-up sees Murray looking to continue his march on a rollercoaster week in Doha.

Stick with us for live coverage of the contest.