Anthony Gordon vows to mark Euros goal with cycling celebration after bike crash

Anthony Gordon has promised to do a cycling celebration if he scores at Euro 2024 after the England forward was left covered in grazes following a bike accident.

The Newcastle winger came out to train on Thursday morning with cuts to his nose, chin, hands and knees and it later transpired he had crashed off an electric bike a day earlier.

Gordon admitted he had been trying to record a video message for his family when he hit the dirt and avoided what could have been a serious injury.

“I could have (been hurt) with the speed I was going down a hill,” he said.

“I could have ended up anywhere. It was on the golf course and I’ve managed to land on the only bit of gravel there was.

“I was surrounded by grass and managed to land on the gravel. So, really lucky in some instances and unlucky in some others.

“We went on what was meant to be a recovery bike ride. They are electric so they are faster than normal bikes and, in England, the front brake is on the right-hand side.

England’s Anthony Gordon high-fives Phil Foden as he replaces the Manchester City midfielder against Slovenia
Anthony Gordon (right) made a late substitute appearance against Slovenia (Bradley Collyer/PA)

“Here, I tried to press the left (brake) just to slow down and, next minute, it has not slowed down, it has fully come to a stop … and I haven’t. I have gone 10 feet in the air, chin first.

“It was a lovely day, I was going down a hill, trying to take a quick video for my family, just to show them what I was doing.

“Before I knew it, I was head first into the floor. I’ve got a got a few grazes, a few cuts but it’s not anything painful.”

Asked if he would mark the incident by pulling out a bike-riding celebration should he score in England’s Euro 2024 last-16 clash against Slovakia on Sunday, the 23-year-old replied: “I’ll put stabilisers next to the pitch maybe and you lot (the media) will get credit for the celebration. I will do it. You’ve got my word.”

Anthony Gordon sports a graze on his chin during an England press conference following his bike crash
Anthony Gordon sports a graze on his chin following his bike accident (Adam Davy/PA)

Gordon, who made his tournament debut as a late substitute in the goalless draw with Slovenia last time out, revealed manager Gareth Southgate initially joined in with the players in having a chuckle at his expense.

“He (Southgate) laughed at first, just like everyone else did,” added the former Everton man.

“It was a bit of a joke. It wasn’t too serious, just a few scratches so everyone was laughing at me and laughing at my pain.

“To be fair, no-one had seen it and I definitely didn’t press record so there were some positives to come from it.

“I’ll get back on, I won’t let that bother me. The thing was, because I was on my phone I didn’t know I was falling off until I hit the floor. I was just focused on my phone. And I went chin first.

“I think the moral of the story is that we spend too much time on our phones these days. The moral of the story is to just enjoy the moment without a phone.”

Despite playing just two minutes of football in Germany, Gordon insists he would be ready if called upon to play a part in Gelsenkirchen this weekend.

“I’m very up to speed,” he said.

“It means everything to me, for me it is the pinnacle of football – to represent your country at a tournament doesn’t get much bigger. Especially as a nation and the players we have, you have to do so well to get to this point.

“My mindset is that I am here now and want to keep on going and establish myself in the team as someone the manager can’t drop. I’m not there yet and have so much to do to get there.

“My main strengths are I am very direct, I’m obviously quick. I know I am a nightmare for anyone that I play against.

“I’m positive. Every time I get the ball, I always try to make something happen. I’m not a very safe player, I am always going for it. I am always trying to put people on the back foot.”