Antonio Conte insists he is still ‘ready to die’ for Tottenham despite ‘strange’ contract

Antonio Conte insists he is still ‘ready to die’ for Tottenham despite ‘strange’ contract

Antonio Conte insisted he remains “ready to die” for Tottenham despite questions over his future, though was once again coy on what will happen in the summer.

The Spurs boss is under huge pressure after a tame Champions League exit to AC Milan with the manner of performances as much of a concern to increasingly disgruntled supporters as results.

The Italian appears almost certain to leave the club when his contract expires at the end of the season, though a departure could come sooner than that if Tottenham’s top-four bid falls away.

It was a familiar message from Conte in his press conference ahead of this weekend’s clash against Nottingham Forest, warning supporters not to expect “miracles” or quick-fixes to the club’s problems.

“We need time and patience,” Conte said. “I see the environment has no patience or the environment does not want to see the reality.

“The club knows very well what is my situation and they know what are my thoughts. We can’t do miracles. If I am to take the people as a target. I am not this person. The reality is this.

“We’ll see what happens in the future. I’m not stupid to kill myself. Until the end though I am ready to die for this club but then we’ll see, I’m not too stupid to keep killing myself.”

Much of Conte’s time in north London has been accompanied by questions over his long-term future at Spurs, though that has primarily been viewed through the perspective of whether the Italian wants to stay.

It appears to be a relationship suiting neither party now, and it remains to be seen whether Conte will make it to the end of his “strange” contract.

“You know with the club we signed a contract, a strange contract one-year-and-a-half,” Conte said. “Usually you sign for three years but I think it was for the club and for myself to see the situation.

“For the club to understand my personality, my capacity as a coach and for me - from my side it was the same. To understand if we were on the same page.

“Now after one year and a half, the club knows me, I know the club and it is clear this situation. We have to finish the season and then we will see.’