Arsenal lose Invincibles branding after Jens Lehmann acquires rights for £30,000

Former Arsenal star Jens Lehmann has bought the branding rights to 'the Invincibles'. He completed the £30,000 purchase of the trademark used for the Gunners' Premier League title winning season of 2003-04 ahead of its 20-year anniversary.

The German is now setting up a company which he says has the support of players involved in the only unbeaten season in the competition's history, as well as its mastermind Arsene Wenger. The Gunners were caught unaware by the move but Lehmann insists that with a documentary, overseas tour and match against a Manchester United legends side all possibilities, the intention is to donate some of the profits to charity.

"I had the idea because the name 'Invincibles' becomes more and more popular approaching the 20th anniversary," he told the Daily Mail.

"Nobody had it, so I was looking into it. I was ready to get the branding rights for our group, so everybody who's using it is violating our brand.

"The club were probably a little surprised because nobody thought about having the brand name registered. At least they know it's now being controlled.

"We have 28 players and 12 staff members, which includes the boss. The company has not been set up yet because we're still preparing.

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"There will be one or two events here very soon where we give something back to the people. Everybody will be a shareholder of the company.

"It's easier to get all the members of our group in one company because you have costs and income created. The company gets the revenue and then hopefully everything is shared. If we have income, we are going to do something for a charity."

Speaking about the Gunners under Arteta earlier this month, Lehmann told the Daily Mail: “He's (Arteta) done a good job but unfortunately, you're talking to a guy who loves Arsenal, wants them to win and not just to be up there, I was very disappointed with how they lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

“Afterwards, they showed a great reaction beating Chelsea and Tottenham. But to be a big club, you have to win trophies. They're very different to us (Invincibles) in their approach - much more cautious and slower with the ball.

“Physically, they run a lot more and have more high-intensity runs but they don't play faster than us because we were a one-touch team. They all take three, four touches at a time.

“And if you're too cautious in football, you can't win trophies. Most of the time, the bravest teams win the league. I would love them to win the title but that has cost them in certain games.

“It's 20 years since we won the league and I hope Arsenal win but it's not in their own hands anymore and that's a weakness.”