Australia v Georgia LIVE: Result and reaction from Rugby World Cup as Wallabies impress

Australia v Georgia LIVE: Result and reaction from Rugby World Cup as Wallabies impress

Australia begin their Rugby World Cup campaign against Georgie with Eddie Jones fighting both the critics and a series of on-field problems.

The enormous personality of Jones offers protection to this struggling Wallabies side who are short on experience but still packed with talent to make some noise in France. Jones has become embroiled in a war of words with ex-England fly-half Danny Cipriani, with the Australia head coach labelling his allegations as "f****** nonsense”. But the main concern is no victory since he return home and an untested Carter Gordon tasked with inspiring this giant on the big stage.

Follow live score updates, analysis and reaction from the Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux below. Get all the Rugby World Cup odds and the latest tips and odds here.

Rugby World Cup 2023: Australia vs Georgia

  • Australia defeated Georgia 35-15 at Stade de France, Paris in their Pool C opener

  • TRY! Australia 35-15 GEORGIA (Beka Gigashvili, 80 minutes)

  • TRY! AUSTRALIA 35-8 Georgia, (Ben Donaldson, 69 minutes)

  • TRY! AUSTRALIA 28-8 Georgia, (Donaldson, 56 minutes)

  • TRY! Australia 21-8 GEORGIA, (Luka Ivanishvili, 47 minutes)

  • HALF-TIME! Australia 21-3 Georgia

  • PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 21-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 31 minutes)

  • PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 18-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 21 minutes)

  • PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 15-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 14 minutes)

  • TRY AUSTRALIA 12-3 Georgia, (Mark Nawaqanitawase, 9 minutes)

  • PENALTY! Australia 5-3 GEORGIA (Luka Matkava, 5 minutes)

  • TRY! AUSTRALIA 5-0 Georgia (Jordan Pataia, 2 minutes)

England v Argentina LIVE: Rugby World Cup build-up and latest updates

19:22 , Mike Jones

Coming up next is England’s opening game at the World Cup as they take on the diffcult Argentina.

Steve Borthwick’s men are in rotten form but they’ll be hoping to turn that around and get off to a winning start.

Follow all the updates and build-up for this clash right here with dedicated coverage of the game starting at 8pm.

England v Argentina LIVE: Rugby World Cup build-up and team news

FT Australia 35-15 Georgia

19:08 , Mike Jones

25 points came from Ben Donaldson tonight in an impressive first start at full-back as he went on to win the player of the match award.

Has Eddie Jones have found the man to kick Australia to World Cup glory? Maybe so.

FT Australia 35-15 Georgia

19:04 , Mike Jones

FULL-TIME! Australia 35-15 Georgia

19:01 , Mike Jones

Eddie Jones’ Wallabies end a run of five successive defeats with an opening match win over Georgia at the Rugby World Cup.

The Aussies also earn a bonus point for the amount of tries they scored and Ben Donaldson, starting at full-back for the first time, won the player of the match award.

TRY! Australia 35-15 GEORGIA (Beka Gigashvili, 80 minutes)

19:00 , Mike Jones

Georgia get one back right at the end of the match. A lineout five metres from the line results in them being briefly shoved back before replacement prop, Gigashvili spins off a tackle and goes over the line.

He celebrates by punching the air as Abzhandadze converts.

Australia 35-8 Georgia, 77 minutes

18:53 , Mike Jones

Georgia will be disappointed by this performance. They broken through the Australian line plenty of times but then the decision making has been incredibly poor.

Rushed offloads give the ball away ending the promising attacks and allowing the Wallabies to earn themselves better field position.

Australia 35-8 Georgia, 72 minutes

18:49 , Mike Jones

Close! Incredible defending from Australia. Georgia fling the ball across the line from a scrum and send it over to Akaki Tabutsadze who bombs down the wing with eyes for the try line.

Mark Nawaqanitawase throws himself at Tabutsadze just as crosses into the in-goal area. He tackles the Georgian winger around the belly and forces the ball out of his hands before he can get it grounded.

The ball bounces into touch.

TRY! AUSTRALIA 35-8 Georgia, (Ben Donaldson, 69 minutes)

18:43 , Mike Jones

Australia get the bonus point! They try tp force their way over the line with three or four drives from within a couple of yards of the try line.

A quick change of tact sees the ball fizzed over to Carter Gordon who delays his pass, then squares it along the line to Ben Donaldson.

The full-back has bags of space ahead of him and jogs in for his second try of the night. He successfully kicks the conversion too.

Australia 28-8 Georgia, 66 minutes

18:38 , Mike Jones

A change for each side now as Wallabies lock Richard Arnold is off for Robert Leota. For Georgia full-back Davit Niniashvili is replaced by Giorgi Kveseladze.

Australia 28-8 Georgia, 63 minutes

18:35 , Mike Jones

Australia are pushing for more.

They go through 11 phases inching closer and closer to the try line as Georgia hold on desperately. Carter Gordon grabs hold of the ball and kicks it over to the left wing where Suli Vunivalu leaps high.

He tries to getthe ball under control but can’t stop it from dropping into touch.

Australia 28-8 Georgia, 60 minutes

18:29 , Mike Jones

Australia’s 20 point lead is restored just as Georgia looked like they had gained a foothold in this second half. A second try for them could have been a gamechanger but instead the Aussies go further in front once more with time quickly running out.

TRY! AUSTRALIA 28-8 Georgia, (Donaldson, 56 minutes)

18:26 , Mike Jones

Unfortunate for Georgia!

Davit Niniashvili bombs through the Australian line and drives up the pitch on the break. He’s tackle and blindly flings the ball behind him hoping a teammate is there. There isn’t but Taniela Tupou grabs hold of the ball and counters for the Wallabies.

He bombs it forwards, offloads to Ben Donaldson and gets the full-back clear. Donaldson carries the ball over for a try then boots the conversion in between the posts.

Australia 21-8 Georgia, 53 minutes

18:23 , Mike Jones

Angus Bell is replaced by Blake Schoupp for the Wallabies who haven’t quite been able to replicate their first half dominance in the second half so far.

Ben Donaldson boots the ball down field befoe it’s immediately kicked back and out for an Australian lineout.

Australia 21-8 Georgia, 50 minutes

18:17 , Mike Jones

30 minutes of the match left to play. Georgia strike first in the second half and they’ll need another one in quick successive. Mirani Modebadze is back on the pitch so it’s back to full strength for them.

The Lelos earn a scrum but it’s inside their own half. The ball comes out to Matkava who boots it as far down the pitch as he can.

TRY! Australia 21-8 GEORGIA, (Luka Ivanishvili, 47 minutes)

18:15 , Mike Jones

Georgia’s lineout results in a maul but they can’t enough power behind it to make inroads into Australia. Initially they look to send the ball across the line to the right getting it to Luka Matkava.

The fly-half flings a lofted pass over to the left wing in a change of direction and picks out Luka Ivanishvili who injects some pace into his run and lunges for the line under pressure from Carter Gordon.

Georgia have a try!

Australia 21-3 Georgia, 46 minutes

18:12 , Mike Jones

A Georgia scrum sees them force Australia to wheel around which results in a penalty. Luka Matkava sends the ball inside Australia’s 22 and out for a lineout.

Georgia take it quickly and fizz the ball out to Samu Kerevi. He drives at the line and gains valuable yards before another penalty - Australia not rolling away after the tackle - gifts Georgia the chance to get close to the try line.

Australia 21-3 Georgia, 43 minutes

18:10 , Mike Jones

A kicking game sees the teams trying to force better territory for themselves. Carter Gordon boots the ball out for a Georgian lineout close to the halfway line.

The Aussies turn the ball over through Will Skelton and send it over to Gordon. He kicks again but puts too much on it and sends this one out of play as well.

SECOND HALF! Australia 21-3 Georgia

18:07 , Mike Jones

Georgia get this match back underway and will play the next 10 minutes with one player less. Can Australia take advantage?

HT Australia 21-3 Georgia

18:06 , Mike Jones

Miriani Modebadze actions just before the end of the first half could have serious implications for Georgia. Two quick penalties given away saw him collect a yellow card so he’ll be stuck in the sin bin for the first 10 minutes of the second half.

Toothless England look to leaders in search of unlikely Rugby World Cup triumph

18:02 , Mike Jones

It is on a wing and a prayer that England will begin their Rugby World Cup. When Eddie Jones picked the youngest side to compete in a World Cup final four years ago in Yokohama, the thought was that the same group would be back again this time around, older, stronger, better, and ready for another title tilt.

The errors since that have left England in this parlous state – where progression from the pool cannot be deemed a certainty – are almost too numerous to catalogue.

Steve Borthwick’s side will begin their tournament without captain Owen Farrell and Billy Vunipola, the probable starting number eight, both suspended after high tackles. Jack van Poortvliet and Anthony Watson, two presumed backline starters, are also absent due to injury. In attack they remain toothless; in defence, porous, and the deep strife in which English rugby finds itself hardly suggests a buoyant rugby public ready to get behind their side.

Toothless England look to leaders in search of unlikely Rugby World Cup triumph

England v Argentina LIVE: Rugby World Cup build-up and latest updates

17:57 , Mike Jones

Coming up after this match concludes is England’s opening game at the World Cup as they take on the diffcult Argentina. Steve Borthwick’s men are in rotten form but they’ll be hoping to turn that around and get off to a winning start.

Follow all the updates and build-up for this clash right here with dedicated coverage of the game starting just before kick off at 8pm.

England v Argentina LIVE: Rugby World Cup build-up and team news

HALF-TIME! Australia 21-3 Georgia

17:52 , Mike Jones

Multiple infractions from Mirani Modebadze test the referee’s ire and when he snatches the ball away before it’s back in play Modebadze is shown a yellow card.

A dominant half for Australia then comes to an end with Georgia needing to find answers to a lot of questions.

As the half went on they became more secure in defence but they gave away too many easy penalties and allowed the Aussies to maintain constant pressure inside their own half of the pitch.

Eddie Jones will be a very happy man.

Australia 21-3 Georgia, 36 minutes

17:45 , Mike Jones

The game is paused after Tate McDermott is clattered trying to make a tackle. There’s not much in it in terms of foul play but McDermott knocked his head and needs a check up.

He looks okay.

Australia 21-3 Georgia, 34 minutes

17:40 , Mike Jones

Close! Tom Hooper bursts out of a tackle and gets through the Georgia line. He drives up the pitch and offloads the ball to Ben Donaldson who gets brought down.

There’s a couple more tackles from Georgia that half the Aussies’ attack and then the turnover comes when McDermott gives the ball away.

PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 21-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 31 minutes)

17:37 , Mike Jones

Donaldson converts the penalty kick and Australia get over the 20 point mark with around 10 minutes still to play in the first half.

Australia 18-3 Georgia, 29 minutes

17:36 , Mike Jones

The TMO gets involved following a high tackle from Vasil Lobzhanidze on Tate McDermott. A quick replay shows that Australia are winning a penalty but the tackle started on the shoulder and pulled McDermott to the ground.

No further action needed against the Georgian.

Australia 18-3 Georgia, 26 minutes

17:32 , Mike Jones

This is better from Georgia. They work the ball quickly across the line and pick out Akaki Tabutsadze. He flies down the wing then kicks the ball into the in-goal area and chases it down.

Ben Donaldson scurries across from Australia and scoops up the ball before grounding it for a dropout.

Australia 18-3 Georgia, 24 minutes

17:29 , Mike Jones

The Aussies have had all of the field position in this half and they’ve made full use of it. The defence has been incredible, pushing up the pitch and travelling in numbers to keep Georgia at bay.

An Australia kick pings the ball deep into Georgia’s half before Miriani Modebadze runs it back. There’s a turnover as Will Skelton wrestles back possession but a knock on from Samu Kerevi gives Georgia a scrum.

PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 18-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 21 minutes)

17:25 , Mike Jones

This time Australia decide to kick and Donaldson dispatches the ball over the crossbar for another three points. The Australia kicker seems to have his eye in now after missing his first effort of the match.

Australia 15-3 Georgia, 18 minutes

17:23 , Mike Jones

Australia think they’re in again after an impressive scrum on the right side. There’s a penalty against Georgia for wheeling the scrum and the Wallabies decide to have another go.

The front row drops and the Aussies drive towards the line. Taniela Tupou dives for the line but knocks on yet Australia keep possession as Tornike Jalagonia was offside in the build-up for Georgia.

PENALTY! AUSTRALIA 15-3 Georgia (Ben Donaldson, 14 minutes)

17:19 , Mike Jones

More points for Australia. They halt the progress out of Georgia’s half but a sealing of the ball awards the Wallabies a penalty kick on the inside right side of the pitch.

Ben Donaldson nurses the ball in between the sticks and increases Australia’s lead.

TRY AUSTRALIA 12-3 Georgia, (Mark Nawaqanitawase, 9 minutes)

17:16 , Mike Jones

A lovely counter-attack from the Aussies sees Kerevi storm into the danger zone and burst through the Georgian line after a mistimed tackle.

He offloads to Jordan Petaia who rides a tackle and palms the ball one-handed to Mark Nawaqanitawase on the wing who then spins a tackle and goes over.

This time Ben Donaldson successfully kicks over the conversion.

PENALTY! Australia 5-3 GEORGIA (Luka Matkava, 5 minutes)

17:10 , Mike Jones

Carter Gordon delays too long to challenge Vasil Lobzhanidze in the air for the ball. He jumps too late and drags the arm of Georgia’s scrum-half away from the ball and gives away a penalty kick right in front of his own uprights.

Luka Matkava has no problems kicking it through the middle and Georgia are back in the contest.

TRY! AUSTRALIA 5-0 Georgia (Jordan Pataia, 2 minutes)

17:06 , Mike Jones

From the line-out, Australia work the ball down the line and probe at the Georgian defence a couple of times.

There’s no way through the middle so the ball is sent swiftly out to the left wing where Jordan Petaia brings it into his body, spins away from a tackle and dives for the line before grounding the ball successfully!

Great start for the Wallabies.


17:03 , Mike Jones

Australia, the two-time world champions, get the match started and pile forward with a solid opening chase to pin Georgia in their own half.

A short kicking game ensues before the Aussies win a lineout in a dangerous area over on the right wing.

Australia vs Georgia

17:01 , Mike Jones

The Stade de France is packed and despite a smattering of gold and green in the stands the majority of the crowd seems to be backing Georgia today. How will they fare?

The teams have made their way onto the pitch and the national anthems are sung. Kick off is up next...

Australia vs Georgia

16:55 , Mike Jones

Australia head coach Eddie Jones has backed his side - which is the youngest squad at the World Cup with an average age of 26.5 years - to come out firing this evening.

“It is 20 years since Australia has picked a young team like this,” he said, “It shows a changing of the guard. This is a new team that want to take Australian rugby forward.

“We want to play a game that enthuses people in Australia to want to follow the Wallabies again.

“We have dropped down the rankings in national sports teams. We want to be a team that everybody in Australia admires and respects and can’t wait to see us play, and this group of young men have the opportunity to do that.”

Australia vs Georgia

16:50 , Mike Jones

Almost time for the next Rugby World Cup match to get underway. The Wallabies are taking on Georgia in Paris with kick off about 10 minutes away.

Which way will this one go?


Australia evolving like an F1 car says Eddie Jones

16:45 , Mike Jones

The Australian head coach compared his side’s development to that of a Formula 1 car after previously describing the team as a Datsun 180B in July.

“We are ready to go, mate. We’re like an F1 car now, a fast one at the start of the grid,” he said, “There’s been a really good progression.

“We went through a period where we had to almost de-structure the team to get ourselves in the position where we think we can win the World Cup.

“This is the first step against Georgia, a very important game.”

Australia vs Georgia

16:40 , Mike Jones

This will be only the second ever meeting between these two sides, who met at the Rugby World Cup 2019 in the pool stages, with the Wallabies coming out on top 27-8. They went on to lose their subsequent quarter-final against England.

Georgia have never progressed beyond the pool stages since their World Cup debut in 2003 but if they can secure a win today, they will have one eye on the knockouts.

Wales, Fiji and Portugal are the other two nations in Pool C, with the two top-ranked sides in the pool progressing to the quarter-finals.

Australia vs Georgia

16:35 , Mike Jones

What a performance from Ireland!

Andy Farrell’s side look ruthless and determined to go a long way in this World Cup and have gotten off to the perfect start.

Next up is a clash between Australia and Georgia in Pool C. The Aussies will be hoping to emulate Ireland’s victory and get themselves off to a winning start.

Here are the two starting line-ups:

Ireland XV: Ben Donaldson, Mark Nawaqanitawase, Jordan Petaia, Samu Kerevi, Marika Koroibete, Carter Gordon, Tate McDermott; Angus Bell, David Porecki, Taniela Tupou, Richard Arnold, Will Skelton, Tom Hooper, Fraser McReight, Rob Valetini.

Replacements: Matt Faessler, Blake Schoupp, Zane Nonggorr, Robert Leota, Langi Gleeson, Nic White, Lalakai Foketi, Suli Vunivalu.

Georgia XV: Davit Niniashvili; Akaki Tabutsadze, Demur Tapladze, Merab Sharikadze, Miriani Modebadze, Luka Matkava, Vasil Lobzhanidze; Nika Abuladze, Shalva Mamukashvili, Guram Papidze, Nodar Cheishvili, Konstantine Mikautadze, Tornike Jalagonia, Luka Ivanishvili, Beka Gorgadze.

Replacements: Tengizi Zamtaradze, Guram Gogichashvili, Beka Gigashvili, Lasha Jaiani, Giorgi Tsutskiridze, Gela Aprasidze, Tedo Abzhandadze, Giorgi Kveseladze.

FT: Ireland 82-8 Romania

16:28 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland next face Tonga in Nantes next Saturday, while it doesn’t get any more pleasant for Romania - South Africa are their opponents next weekend, with the Oaks back in Bordeaux.

FT: Ireland 82-8 Romania

16:27 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A solid start for Ireland, showing some of their varied attacking game to put an overmatched Romania to the sword. Gabriel Rupanu’s opening score was as good as it got for the Oaks, who could be in for a tough old ride in Pool B at this tournament.

Plenty in Irish green impressed, with Johnny Sexton fitting back in seamlessly, and an apparently clean bill of health will be most pleasing indeed to Andy Farrell.


16:25 , Harry Latham-Coyle

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

TRY! IRELAND 82-8 Romania (Tadhg Beirne try, 84 minutes)

16:23 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland finish with a flourish!

Romania are out on their feet as Bundee Aki collects a chip. Aki offloads, finding his centre partner Garry Ringrose, who allows Tadhg Beirne a simple stride to the line under the posts. Jack Crowley converts and that is all she wrote.

Ireland 75-8 Romania, 82 minutes

16:23 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Romania steal the ball inside their own 22 and make swift progess up the left, kicking ahead but unable to capitalise with Hugo Keenan and James Lowe back to smother. Keenan appeared to be wanting to send us to a close, but is tackled before he can, and Lower fancies further action, with his teammates also on the same page.

Ireland 75-8 Romania, 80 minutes

16:21 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland knock on inside Romania’s half with time ticking away. A half charged down kick falls kindly for the Oaks, but their own handling error takes us to the 80-minute mark.

Time enough for a final scrum, with Andy Farrell slapping the hands of his substituted players having already trudged down from the coaching box.

Ireland 75-8 Romania, 79 minutes

16:19 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Another missed dart from Ronan Kelleher. One slight sore spot late on for Ireland.

Ireland 75-8 Romania, 78 minutes

16:18 , Harry Latham-Coyle

It is Peter O’Mahony at number eight for Ireland, with Josh van der Flier on the openside and Tadhg Beirne at six. They don’t even have to push, though, as Romania are deemed the cause of a collapse on first contact.

Ireland return to the Oaks’ 22.

TRY! IRELAND 75-8 Romania (Bundee Aki try, 75 minutes)

16:15 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Right up the gut!

Ireland showing off their attacking armoury, Mack Hansen stepping in as a ball-handler at first receiver and shipping the ball on blind to Bundee Aki at the line. Too much power, too much pace, and that Irish score just keeps on building. Points difference could yet be key in Pool B, of course.

Ireland 68-8 Romania, 74 minutes

16:14 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A misfire from Ronan Kelleher, though, allows Romania to pinch it and clear. Coach Eugen Apjok doesn’t look particularly pleased, mind - and Ireland will attack again from just beyond the 22-metre line.

Ireland 68-8 Romania, 73 minutes

16:13 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland make a break as soon as they get the ball back from the restart. A penalty against the Oaks and Crowley directs his forwards into the right corner.

TRY! IRELAND 68-8 Romania (Peter O’Mahony try, 71 minutes)

16:10 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A second for Peter O’Mahony!

Ireland are in boot filling mode. Nicolas Onutu tries to close the space on Iain Henderson but the replacement gets his pop pass away, allowing O’Mahony another simple score. Tidy work from Jack Crowley from the tee.

Ireland 61-8 Romania, 70 minutes

16:10 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Damage limitation time for a tiring Romania, who seem to have lost any sense of defensive structure. Mack Hansen is buzzing about in typically dynamic, creative fashion.

TRY! IRELAND 61-8 Romania (Joe McCarthy try, 68 minutes)

16:08 , Harry Latham-Coyle

There’s no stopping him this time!

A broad smile on the face of Joe McCarthy as he does get across the line, no Romanian in sight as he flops to the floor. The Oaks had made a real hash of their five metre lineout, and after McCarthy had stepped replacement hooker Florin Bardasu, there was little standing in his way. Jack Crowley converts.

Ireland 54-8 Romania, 67 minutes

16:07 , Harry Latham-Coyle

What a tackle! Man, that’s brave from Marius Simionescu, putting his body on the line to deny Joe McCarthy in the corner. The lock had been lurking, waiting for Bundee Aki and James Lowe - who really have been at the heart of so much today - to find him, and then setting his sights on stomping to the line. He hasn’t accounted, though, for the strength of Simionescu’s shoulder, which rocks McCarthy as he lunges and sends the Leinster lock spilling into touch.

Ireland 54-8 Romania, 65 minutes

16:04 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Eight tries so far today for Ireland and yet you feel thy’ve left some out there. Some more sharp shuffling at the line sees Jeremy Loughman rumble into space, but Hugo Keenan and Bundee Aki can’t quite link up thereafter.

Finally, Sexton’s day is done - the fly half departs to a great ovation from a verdant crowd, with Jack Crowley replacing him for the final 15 minutes.

TRY! IRELAND 54-8 Romania (Johnny Sexton try, 63 minutes)

16:00 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Sexton at the double!

Back with a bang. Try two of the afternoon for the returning skipper, spotting the opportunity to hit a hard line close to a ruck with the white Romanian wall having been knocked down by those earlier carries. Ireland hit a half century.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 62 minutes

16:00 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland move to within five metres of the line, Conor Murray and Johnny Sexton sending Bundee Aki on the charge. Ian Henderson powers ever closer.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 61 minutes

15:59 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Romania also make changes - Tudor Boldor replaces Hinckley Vaovasa and Marius Iftimiciuc is on in the second row.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 59 minutes

15:58 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A couple more changes for Ireland, with Conor Murray on at nine for Jamison Gibson-Park and Mack Hansen replacing Keith Earls in the back three. Johnny Sexton is still out there, though - clearly Andy Farrell thinks his captain needs as many minutes as possible in his legs having not played since March.

Sexton finds the corner after his muscular mates win a set piece penalty.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 59 minutes

15:57 , Harry Latham-Coyle

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 59 minutes

15:56 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Hinckley Vaovasa has really flashed on an otherwise tough afternoon for Romania, the versatile back appearing to be blanketed by green shirts as he collects inside his own 22 but producing a devilish bit of footwork to dance between them. He beats one more defender before appearing to run out of puff, slightly, coughing up possession near halfway having briefly threatened to go the distance.

Time for a water break.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 58 minutes

15:54 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Josh van der Flier apparates out of a maul and strides away from the Romanian defence, powering into the backfield. But, for once, support is lacking - Romania get over the ball and Ireland infringe.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 57 minutes

15:52 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Job one for Henderson and Van der Flier is destroying the Romanian maul, which the former does almost single handedly. And that’s excellent from Joe McCarthy, biding his time as two teammates make the tackle and in to win a holding on penalty five metres from his own line.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 56 minutes

15:51 , Harry Latham-Coyle

And Romania’s new propping pair do well - penalty against Jeremy Loughman after he hits the deck.

Iain Henderson and Josh van der Flier replace James Ryan and Caelan Doris in the Ireland pack with Andy Farrell protecting a couple of his most important forwards. Interesting to see who occupies the number eight berth for Ireland from here.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 55 minutes

15:50 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Garry Ringrose curses under his breath at himself after fumbling while trying to spin out of a tackle after Ireland had utilised a nifty switch of direction in a running exit from their own territory.

A couple more changes - Florin Bardasu and Alexandru Savin on at hooker and looshead prop for Romania.

Ireland 47-8 Romania, 52 minutes

15:47 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Front row changes for both teams: Ireland swap three new burly blokes in, with Ronan Kelleher, Jeremy Loughman and Tom O’Toole replacing Rob Herring, Andrew Porter and Tadhg Furlong, while Romania bring on a new tighthead in Gheorge Gajion, formerly of Moldova, as Alexandru Gordas takes leave.

TRY! IRELAND 47-8 Romania (Peter O’Mahony try, 50 minutes)

15:44 , Harry Latham-Coyle

But Ireland soon break Romania open!

It’s getting worrying for the Oaks, this. Rob Herring hurries through a gap and connects with the busy Bundee Aki, ever eager in support today. Quick ball allows James Lowe to make further progress, stepping out of a tackle.

Lowe is eventually felled a couple of metres short, and Jamison Gibson-Park has his pick of three forwards waiting to biff over. Peter O’Mahony’s channel offers the path of least resistance; Sexton converts the score with Ireland closing in on 50.

Ireland 40-8 Romania, 48 minutes

15:43 , Harry Latham-Coyle

The Romania restart travels out on the full, but Ireland can’t make the most of their midfield platform, Bundee Aki knocking on. Hugo Keenan appears to have produced a beaut of a 50:22, but assistant refere Wayne Barnes rules his kick pitched into touch just short of the Romanian 22-metre line.

TRY! IRELAND 40-8 Romania (Rob Herring try, 46 minutes)

15:39 , Harry Latham-Coyle

...And Rob Herring will score!

The hooker burrows like a rodent, excavating a couple of would-be tacklers and tunneling to the line.

Ireland 33-8 Romania, 44 minutes

15:39 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Romania are pinged for offside again, but just about hold out as Ireland’s forwards pound the fringes. Rob Herring will tap and go...

Ireland 33-8 Romania, 43 minutes

15:38 , Harry Latham-Coyle

It takes a couple of attempts for the scrum to form to Nika Amashukeli’s liking, and when it eventually does, Romania are immediately offside. Johnny Sexton punts Ireland down into Romania’s 22.

Ireland 33-8 Romania, 41 minutes

15:35 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Marius Simionescu starts the half still in the bin, but is soon back amongst things after Jason Tomane fails to take an attempted intercept. Just a knock on, the officials rule - Ireland’s scrum 45 metres out from their own line, wide on the left.

Ireland 33-8 Romania, second half

15:34 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Back to Bordeaux, where the shade is ever larger over the playing surface, which will please the players having to exert themselves in the sapping Saturday heat.

Hinckley Vaovasa is set for the resumption, ball in hand. His left boot gets the second alf going.

Australia Rugby World Cup fixtures: Full schedule and route to the final

15:29 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Australia open their Pool C efforts against a dangerous Georgia in a couple of hours. Here’s a look at their full itinerary - including their possible route to the final...

Australia Rugby World Cup fixtures: Full schedule and route to the final

Eddie Jones brings noise and unpredictability – but also gives Australia a proven route to success

15:27 , Harry Latham-Coyle

It’s not too long until Australia get their campaign underway, with the Wallabies just starting to make their way over to a sweltering Stade de France. Eddie Jones’s side are without a win this year, and have one eye on a home World Cup in four years’ time, but could they yet be players at this year’s party?

Eddie Jones brings noise - but also gives Australia a proven route to success

HT: Ireland 33-8 Romania

15:24 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A handful of handling errors but otherwise pretty handy so far from Ireland, repeatedly cutting a weak Romanian defence to ribbons with typically adept pattern play. The backs have done the sprinting, the forwards have connected the dots, and Gabriel Rupanu’s opening score aside, Romania have barely been able to fire a shot.

How much longer does Andy Farrell give his key individuals? Another ten or 15 minutes after half time and then cotton wool them for the sterner stuff to come?


15:21 , Harry Latham-Coyle

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(Getty Images)

TRY! IRELAND 33-8 Romania (Johnny Sexton try, 41 minutes)

15:19 , Harry Latham-Coyle

And Ireland make them pay!

Try five of the half for Ireland, scored and converted by their returning skipper. Hugo Keenan is halted as he tries to counter attack but Romania are penalised at the breakdown, allowing Jamison Gibson-Park to tap and go into open green pasture.

The scrum half is hauled down but, as has been the case all half, has plenty of support, Bundee Aki brushing off one tackler and tossing to his fly half for the run in. Sexton gets up looking at a wounded paw, his hand having been trapped awkwardly under Jason Tomane’s body after scoring, but it doesn’t look like there’s major damage as he trots down the tunnel at the interval.

Ireland 26-8 Romania, 39 minutes

15:18 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A vital carry from Critian Chirica, emerging the cocoon of a messy scrum with Romania under pressure to allow space for a punt up field.

But Romania fail to find touch...

Ireland 26-8 Romania, 38 minutes

15:17 , Harry Latham-Coyle

A better kick from Keenan, probing the space left vacant by Romania’s absent full back, and Keith Earls is an ever willing greyhound after the hare. A fumble on the floor is all that presents another Irish score.

Ireland 26-8 Romania, 37 minutes

15:16 , Harry Latham-Coyle

There were a few remarks last night about how far these World Cup balls seem to carry, and James Lowe’s thumping left boot has been employed plenty of times to flip the field so far. But his back three colleague Hugo Keenan is caught out by the extra amplitude, flighting his kick too far and grimacing as it travels out on the full.

TRY! IRELAND 26-8 Romania (Bundee Aki try, 35 minutes)

15:12 , Harry Latham-Coyle

But Romania can’t hold out for long!

Shorn of a member of their backline, Romania are struggling out wide as Ireland play to width, Bundee Aki accelerating away from lumbering lock Stefan Iancu. A dummy and a dive and Aki is over as Vaovasa tries in vain to salvage matters for a second time in quick succession.

Johnny Sexton’s conversion from the left is a good’un.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 32 minutes

15:12 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Held up! What work from Hinckley Vaovasa, seemingly outmatched as Joe McCarthy clatters into him in the carry. Vaovasa manages to get his shoulder beneath the ball as the Ireland lock tries to ground to prevent what looked a certain try.

YELLOW CARD! Marius Simionescu is sent to the sin bin! Ireland 19-8 Romania, 32 minutes

15:11 , Harry Latham-Coyle

And Romania lose a man. The Oaks’ forwards are offside as they hare after a punt upfield, and after Johnny Sexton takes a quick tap, full back Marius Simionescu is deemed to have cynically made a mess of the resultant ruck. It seems a touch harsh on the replay, with Simionescu trying to vacate the space, but Nika Amashukeli is always an assertive official and you can understand his judgement.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 29 minutes

15:08 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland don’t quite get things right in the midfield and cough up possession. Prop Iulian Hartig requires a new boot, with his having burst. He’s back amongst things as Romania throw a lineout near halfway.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 28 minutes

15:05 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Even when Ireland do things badly it is seeming to work out well. Tadhg Furlong is intercepted by Jason Tomane, thrusting out his hands at the right time to cut off the prop’s past, but Furlong is immediately over the top of the centre as he hits the deck to win a jackal penalty. Ireland back down towards Romania’s 22.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 27 minutes

15:04 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland look capable of scoring every time they touch the ball. The latest Lowe-led burst sees the wing accompanied by Tadhg Beirne and Jamison Gibson-Park, but an errant pass is shelled by the scrum half.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 25 minutes

15:02 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland put Romania under all sorts of bother on their own line, driving the Oaks back, and Gabriel Rupanu’s hurried boxed clearance falcons a teammate. Ireland had infringed, though, reprieving the scrum half.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 24 minutes

15:00 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Fumbled with the line in sight! More vibrant attacking play from Ireland and it looks like James Lowe’s inward fling has put Keith Earls away on the left, but the 35-year-old can’t quite gather cleanly and the chance goes begging. Lovely footwork from Lowe to dance to the outside but Romania are getting sucked in during virtually every Irish passage of play.

Ireland 19-8 Romania, 22 minutes

14:59 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Nika Amashukeli has to urge Ireland back into action after the water break, with Johnny Sexton and co. taking on the fluids for as long as possible. It’s that sort of day.

PENALTY! Ireland 19-8 ROMANIA (Gabriel Rupanu penalty, 21 minutes)

14:54 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Straight and true from the scrum half. Time for a (much needed) water break at the natural pause in play.

Ireland 19-5 Romania, 20 minutes

14:53 , Harry Latham-Coyle

The Romania coaching box has an electric fan on at full blast, with Eugen Apjok and his staff feeling the heat in Bordeaux. After such an outstanding start, Romania just haven’t got things right defensively, which was a prevailing theme of their three warm-up fixtures before the tournament.

A penalty against Bundee Aki may allow Gabriel Rupanu to knock over three points, though.

TRY! IRELAND 19-5 Romania (Tadhg Beirne try, 17 minutes)

14:50 , Harry Latham-Coyle


A little bit too simple for Ireland. James Lowe is well marshalled as he loops around to provide extra hands, and an appropriately formed backfield should deal with his scrambled nudge ahead reasonably simply. Romania are loose in that regard, though, allowing first Keith Earls and then Hugo Keenan to latch on deep in enemy territory.

Peter O’Mahony is biffed back but Romania are short of numbers on their right defensive edge, allowing Lowe to fizz the scoring pass out to Tadhg Beirne, who dives in before Tevita Manumua can cover.

Ireland 14-5 Romania, 16 minutes

14:49 , Harry Latham-Coyle

And Tadhg Furlong wins a penalty out of Iulian Hartig on the Romanian loosehead side.

Ireland 14-5 Romania, 15 minutes

14:48 , Harry Latham-Coyle

An excellent restart from Romania leaves Keenan with nowhere to tread but touch as the chasers contact him, but Ireland’s maul defence firms up to win turnover possession 20 metres from their own line.

TRY! IRELAND 14-5 Romania (Hugo Keenan try, 13 minutes)

14:45 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Superb handling and a second Ireland try!

Classic Ireland, that, stressing the edges and then finding the fissure up the middle. Sexton finds Peter O’Mahony at the line, who tips on to James Ryan, who has the presence of mind to hook an offload up to Hugo Keenan to provide the finishing touches. Sexton adds the extra two from bang in front.

Ireland 7-5 Romania, 12 minutes

14:44 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Ireland settle into their attacking shape, Johnny Sexton involved early and often in the movement. An inside ball doesn’t quite connect with the intended catcher but onwards they go, Andrew Porter and then Bundee Aki using their burl to make metres.

Ireland 7-5 Romania, 10 minutes

14:43 , Harry Latham-Coyle

Andrew Porter and Tadhg Furlog get their timing right but Romania hold firm. The Oaks attack back to the blindside, Florian Rosu doing the toting up the touchline having lingered after the scrum.

Gabrial Rupanu tries to lift the tempo but Ireland slow ruck ball. Keith Earls latches over the top...penalty to Ireland. Sharp work from the veteran wing, picking his moment to pounce.

Here’s how Romania took a surprise early lead.

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