B-G rolls past Delhi 15-5; Edmeston/Morris sweeps TVL track meet

May 17—The sixth-seeded Bainbridge-Guilford baseball team took down 11th-seeded Delhi 15-5 in the first round of the Section IV Class C Tournament on Friday in Bainbridge.

Connor Davy tripled, singled twice and drove in four runs while Kaiden Seymour tallied three hits, four RBI and three runs scored for the Bobcats. Brayden Swartwout had two hits and Parker Buttice, Damon Seymour, Gavin Gifford and Aidan Haynes each had a hit in the win.

Timmy Kintler earned the win on the mound, striking out six over six innings.

B-G will visit third-seeded Moravia for a quarterfinal matchup on Monday.

Bainbridge-Guilford 15, Delhi 5

B-G: Timmy Kinter (W)

DA: Isaac Marsiglio, Lucas Nealis, Andrew Liddle, Mason Reed

3B: Connor Davy (B-G)

The Edmeston/Morris track and field teams swept the Tri-Valley League Championships in Sidney on Thursday.

Laurens/Milford and Franklin finished second and third, respectively, in the girls meet while Cherry Valley-Springfield and L/M rounded out the top three for the boys.

Brooke Carentz and Abigail White led the E/M girls with victories in the shot put and discus, respectively.

Madison Moore had three runner-up finishes in the 1500, 3000 and steeplechase. Maiya King was second in the 100 hurdles and third in both the long jump and triple jump. Taryn Lund was second in the 400 hurdles and third in the high jump and Amira Ross was third in both the 100 and 200.

Allison Munson won the long jump for Laurens/Milford and was second in the triple jump while Jaidon Brodie won the triple jump.

Eowyn Chickerell had a trio of second-place finishes in the 100, 200 and long jump. Also earning second place for L/M were Kelsey Cox (800), Margaret Kenyon (shot put) and Alesa John (discus).

Thirds were recorded by Courtney McCarthy (1500, steeplechase), Nicole Stanley (100 hurdles) and Olivia Conklin (shot put).

Shannon Kingsbury of Franklin won the 400 while teammate Haylee Taggart won the high jump and was third in the discus. Sydney Elmendorf added a runner-up finish in the 400.

For Schenevus/Worcester, Cassidy Howard won both the 100 and 200 while Cady Ritton was first in the 100 hurdles. Brianna Carvin placed second in the high jump and S/W won both the 400 and 1600 relay races.

Earning victories for South Kortright were Nora Trimbell (800), Aurelia Comer (3000) and Elsa Marigliano (steeplechase). SK were the winners of the 3200 relay and Marigliano added a third-place finish in the 3000.

Jossalyn Rathbun of CV-S won the 400 hurdles while Morgan Huff was third in both the 400 and 800.

Gibertsville-Mount Upton's Andrea Favinger won the 1500 and Haruna Watanabe was third in the 400 hurdles.

Izek Richards led the E/M boys with a pair of victories in the high jump and long jump and was also second in the 400.

Joining him on the winners podium were Nick Troiano in the shot put and Hayden Kolvik in the 110 hurdles.

Placing third for E/M were William Weber (110 hurdles), Ty Turner (400 hurdles, discus), Ryan Murphy (long jump) and Sebastian Babbie (shot put).

Mason Kutinsky and Aiden Bosc were both double winners for CV-S. Kutinsky won the 100 and 400 — and was second in the 200 — while Bosc was first in the 400 hurdles and discus.

Thomas Tissiere was second in the 1600 and 3200, Faustin O'Neill was the runner-up in the 400 hurdles and Hayden Belfance (high jump, triple jump) and Ethan All (3200) each had third-place finishes.

Carter Stevens of Laurens/Milford finished the day with four individual victories, taking first in the 800, 1600, 3200 and steeplechase. Braden Murphy added a win of his own in the triple jump and was second in the long jump.

Also placing second for L/M were Logan Chickerell (110 hurdles) and Cole Williams (steeplechase).

Aiden Burgos of Schenevus/Worcester won the 200 and was second in the 100. Josh Kehoe had a pair of seconds in the shot put and discus while Allen Osborne (800) and William Brady (steeplechase) each had thirds.

The Schenevus/Worcester boys won both the 400 and 1600 relay events.

For Franklin, Bodie Jordan was second in the 800 and third in the 1600, Abdul-Jamil Zaggout was third in the 400 and Abdeen Zaggout finished third in both the 100 and 200.

Earning second-place finishes were Richfield Springs' Elliott Frasier in the triple jump and Stamford's Lelend Donato in the high jump.


1. Edmeston/Morris 155, 2. Laurens/Milford 128, 3. Franklin 82, 4. Schenevus/Worcester 61, 5. South Kortright 52, 6. Cherry Valley-Springfield 23, 7. Gilbertsville-Mount Upton 17, 8. Richfield Springs 3

100: 1. Cassidy Howard (S/W) 13.15, 2. E. Chickerell (L/M), 3. A. Ross (E/M); 200: 1. Cassidy Howard (S/W) 26.94, 2. E. Chickerell (L/M), 3. A. Ross (E/M); 400: 1. Shannon Kingsbury (Frank) 1:03.76, 2. S. Elmendorf (Frank), 3. M. Huff (CV-S); 800: 1. Nora Trimbell (SK) 2:40.89, 2. K. Cox (L/M), 3. M. Huff (CV-S); 1500: 1. Andrea Favinger (G-MU) 5:20.54, 2. M. Moore (E/M), 3. C. McCarthy (L/M); 3000: 1. Aurelia Comer (SK) 11:47.95, 2. M. Moore (E/M), 3. E. Marigliano (SK); 100 hurdles: 1. Cady Ritton (S/W) 18.43, 2. M. King (E/M), 3. N. Stanley (L/M); 400 hurdles: 1. Jossalyn Rathbun (CV-S) 1:14.15, 2. T. Lund (E/M), 3. H. Watanabe (G-MU); 2000 steeplechase: 1. Elsa Marigliano (SK) 8:17.04, 2. M. Moore (E/M), 3. C. McCarthy (L/M); 400 relay: 1. Schenevus/Worcester 52.89, 2. Edmeston/Morris, 3. Laurens/Milford; 1600 relay: 1. Schenevus/Worcester 4:37.32, 2. Edmeston/Morris, 3. Franklin; 3200 relay: 1. South Kortright 10:59.29, 2. Edmeston/Morris, 3. Franklin; High jump: 1. Haylee Taggart (Frank) 4-04, 2. B. Carvin (S/W), 3. T. Lund (E/M); Long jump: 1. Allison Munson (L/M) 15-07, 2. E. Chickerell (L/M), 3. M. King (E/M); Triple jump: 1. Jaidon Brodie (L/M) 31-10, 2. A. Munson (L/M), 3. M. King (E/M); Shot put: 1. Brooke Carentz (E/M) 28-01, 2. M. Kenyon (L/M), 3. O. Conklin (E/M); Discus: 1. Abigail White (E/M) 85-01, 2. A. John (L/M), 3. H. Taggart (Frank)


1. Edmeston/Morris 137, 2. Cherry Valley-Springfield 134, 3. Laurens/Milford 98, 4. Schenevus/Worcester 79, 5. Franklin 42, 6. Richfield Springs 10, 7. Stamford 9, 8. Gilbertsville-Mount Upton 8

100: 1. Mason Kutinsky (CV-S) 11.67, 2. A. Burgos (S/W), 3. A. Zaggout (Frank); 200: 1. Aiden Burgos (S/W) 23.85, 2. M. Kutinsky (CV-S), 3. A. Zaggout (Frank); 400: 1. Mason Kutinsky (CV-S) 54.64, 2. I. Richards (E/M), 3. A. Zaggout (Frank); 800: 1. Carter Stevens (L/M) 2:08.97, 2. B. Jordan (Frank), 3. A. Osborne (S/W); 1600: 1. Carter Stevens (L/M) 4:36.47, 2. T. Tissiere (CV-S), 3. B. Jordan (Frank); 3200: 1. Carter Stevens (L/M) 11:24.31, 2. T. Tissiere (CV-S), 3. E. All (CV-S); 110 hurdles: 1. Hayden Kolvik (E/M) 17.64, 2. L. Chickerell (L/M), 3. W. Weber (E/M); 400 hurdles: 1. Aiden Bosc (CV-S) 1:03.23, 2. F. O'Neill (CV-S), 3. T. Turner (E/M); 3000 steeplechase: 1. Carter Stevens (L/M) 10:52.54, 2. C. Williams (L/M), 3. W. Brady (S/W); 400 relay: 1. Schenevus/Worcester 46.77, 2. Edmeston/Morris, 3. Cherry Valley-Springfield; 1600 relay: 1. Schenevus/Worcester 3:48.55, 2. Cherry Valley-Springfield, 3. Edmeston/Morris; 3200 relay: 1. Cherry Valley-Springfield 10:03.84, 2. Edmeston/Morris, 3. Laurens/Milford; High jump: 1. Izek Richards (E/M) 5-08, 2. L. Donato (Stam), 3. H. Belfance (CV-S); Long jump: 1. Izek Richards (E/M) 19-07, 2. B. Murphy (L/M), 3. R. Murphy (E/M); Triple jump: 1. Braden Murphy (L/M) 37-09.5, 2. E. Frasier (RS), 3. H. Belfance (CV-S); Shot put: 1. Nick Troiano (E/M) 42-05.25, 2. J. Kehoe (S/W), 3. S. Babbie (E/M); Discus: 1. Aiden Bosc (CV-S) 120-01, 2. J. Kehoe (S/W), 3. T. Turner (E/M)