A Bachelor Investigation: Was This Week’s Rose Ceremony Edited to Disguise the Truth?

Something smells in Bachelor Nation… and it doesn’t smell like roses.

This week on The Bachelor — in the last episode before next week’s season finale — Joey had to eliminate one of his final three women, with only two roses to hand out. He handed the first rose to Daisy, and the second to Kelsey, cementing them as his two finalists and sending Rachel home.

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But some keen-eyed fans pointed out what looks like a continuity error: Joey supposedly gave Kelsey his final rose, but if you look closely at the photo below, when he says Kelsey’s name, there still seems to be another rose next to him. In other words, it appears that Joey must have said Kelsey’s name first, since he still had another rose to give to Daisy, and the show then edited it to make it look like he said Daisy’s name first. (When reached by TVLine, ABC declined to comment.)

The Bachelor Joey Rose Ceremony Daisy Kelsey
The Bachelor Joey Rose Ceremony Daisy Kelsey

Now why is this important? Well, often on The Bachelor, the leading man will give his first rose to the girl he’s most sure about, allowing for maximum drama as the roses dwindle down. It’s not a rule, but it’s a tendency that fans have picked up on over the years. That means the girl who gets the first of the Bachelor’s last two roses would appear to be the favorite to receive his final rose in the season finale. So is The Bachelor trying to throw us off the scent and make it look like Daisy is the favorite when it’s actually Kelsey? (The rest of the rose ceremony was edited in such a way that we can’t tell who received the rose first, which is unusual in and of itself.)

We’ll find out for sure when The Bachelor airs its season finale this Monday at 8/7c on ABC. (And based on the trailer, Joey may end up with nobody at the final rose ceremony, so maybe this is all moot anyway.)

What do you think, Bachelor fans? Is the show trying to hide the fact that Kelsey is Joey’s first choice? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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