Bills send out call for more fans to shovel snow ahead of Chiefs playoff game after another big storm

In what has become a postseason trend, the Buffalo Bills are once again seeking help from their faithful fans.

With more snow piled on western New York, the Bills sent out a call Thursday for snow shovelers at Highmark Stadium ahead of their playoff game Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. They're asking fans 18 and older to arrive at the stadium on Friday starting at 2 p.m. local time ready to work throughout the afternoon and evening. As before, the pay is $20 an hour.

The Bills sent out multiple calls with the same request ahead of their wild-card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was postponed from Sunday to Monday because of a blizzard that blanketed the region in snow on Sunday. The Bills asked for fans to start digging the stadium out of the snow Sunday evening and again Monday morning before kickoff.

A worker shovels snow ahead of Monday's Bills-Steelers game at Buffalo's Highmark Stadium. (AP Photo/ Jeffrey T. Barnes)
A worker shovels snow ahead of Monday's Bills-Steelers game at Buffalo's Highmark Stadium. (AP Photo/ Jeffrey T. Barnes)

Last week's call produced scenes such as this and ultimately had the field at Highmark Stadium in playing condition for Monday's game.

Even if some visiting Steelers fans were left to do their own digging at kickoff:

The snow from that storm didn't clear in Buffalo before another multi-day storm dumped more this week. Officials issued on Tuesday a lake-effect snow warning that wasn't set to expire until Thursday evening. That storm dumped snow on top of snow as promised.

A travel ban was put in place as snow reportedly piled up in the region at rate of 1-2 inches per hour. Wednesday's Buffalo Sabres game against the Chicago Blackhawks was postponed to Thursday. Some parts of the region received 30-plus inches of snow in a 24-hour period, with Orchard Park where the Bills play getting 12 inches in that time.

Here's a scene from West Seneca, just north of Orchard Park, on Thursday:

The snow is expected to subside Thursday evening and isn't forecast to fall on Sunday's game. But there's plenty of cleanup to be done between now and then, and the Bills are asking for helping hands to get things done.

As of Thursday, the Yahoo Weather forecast for Sunday in Buffalo calls for cloudy skies and temperatures ranging from 21 to 27 degrees, with no precipitation expected.