Billy Vunipola admits lack of control with alcohol led to Majorca arrest

Billy Vunipola has admitted a lack of control with alcohol was central to his Majorca arrest that has jeopardised the end of his time in English rugby.

The England No 8 has revealed “I can’t just have two beers” in a frank account of being tasered and arrested on Sunday in a bar in Palma.

The 31-year-old was fine 240Euro and handed a four-month suspended sentence for resisting arrest, and allowed to return home to England.

The Sydney-born back-rower was reprimanded and warned about future conduct by Saracens, but has avoided any further club punishment.

If the RFU opts not to impose a suspension, then Vunipola will be able to finish his last season at Saracens on his own terms, on the field, before joining Montpellier this summer.

The RFU is yet to make that call, but Vunipola could well now add a more positive end to his 11 years at Saracens, as the Men In Black bid to defend their Premiership title.

“I can’t just have two beers,” Vunipola told the Daily Mail.

“It was a performance thing, but also a marriage decision.

“If you’re doing what I was doing in Majorca, or to a lesser extent, every weekend, it’s going to take a toll on your marriage. I needed to break that cycle.

“I reasoned with it when I drank at the weekend, saying ‘it’s my last trip (with Saracens), and we’ve just had a good win, the boys are happy, but I just got too excited.”

Saracens beat Bath 15-12 at The Rec last Friday night, then flew out to Majorca for a team weekend away.

The north London club’s bonding weekends have proved central to their six Premiership titles and three European crowns, across a glittering era.

Vunipola’s arrest is the first time any such trips have resulted in a major negative fallout.

Staff at Palma’s Epic bar called police in the early hours of Sunday after Vunipola repeatedly removed his shirt and was alleged to have been behaving at best boisterously.

Vunipola claims he unwittingly hurt one of the police who were trying to restrain him, which led to his arrest.

“I don’t remember getting tasered,” said Vunipola.

“I’ve got two marks on me. Even when I was on the ground they were shocked I still had the energy to fight them – well, not fight them, resist them, which is what I got done for.”

Vunipola’s England career will be over once he leaves for Montpellier, with the RFU refusing to select overseas-based players.

Boss Steve Borthwick had already moved on from the potent No 8 in the Six Nations, knowing Vunipola’s plans to head abroad.

Vunipola is determined to restore some shine to the end of his stellar Saracens stint though, and made a candid apology for his weekend actions.

“The whole reason behind the trips is to get closer as a group and find out things about each other that you won’t necessarily share freely in the changing rooms,” he said.

“Drink helps that, to release inhibitions and help people open up more.

“I’ve been on a fair few trips and they’ve always been a success, but obviously not last weekend, for me and for the club.

“I caused a huge amount of embarrassment and put a spotlight on the club when they were trying to do something nice for us. It’s disappointing that I let what happened happen, by drinking too much. I am very sorry.”