Bracket Time! Enter Yahoo Fantasy's $25K contests for the men's and women's tourneys

Join Yahoo's free bracket contests for the men's and women's tourneys for a shot at $25K.
Join Yahoo's free bracket contests for the men's and women's tourneys for a shot at $25K.

That wonderful time of year is here again. When tourney brackets represent the possibilities to come. Cinderellas pulling off epic upsets. Buzzer-beaters leaving us in awe. College basketball powerhouses aiming to make another deep run, hoping to win it all.

Speaking of winning, you're already going to fill out a bracket, so why not do it where you have TWO free-to-play chances at $25,000? That's right, if you win Yahoo Fantasy's bracket game by having the best bracket for either the men's contest or women's contest, you'll have plenty of reasons to celebrate.

And while you're debating which college team will be the eventual champion, take a moment to dream of the scenarios. OK, did your alma mater immediately come to mind? Teams that have been comfortably in the top 25 all season? That one school with the cute mascot? The only thing to remember is to pick however you want.

If you’ve done a bracket before then you know how this works. Choose the winners of each tournament matchup — the more winners you choose correctly, the more points you get.

If you’ve never filled out a bracket, first, don't worry — we have you covered. Second, you're in for some fun! Filling out a bracket takes five minutes — or less — and ZERO dollars.

If your bracket in either contest has the most points at the end of the tourney, you get $25K — simple!

TL;DR on Yahoo Fantasy's bracket game

  • You can sign up for the $25K Men's Best Bracket Contest and $25K Women's Best Bracket Contest now

  • The best bracket in the men’s and women’s tourney contests wins $25,000 each

  • Both contests are completely free to play and are available on the Yahoo Fantasy Sports site via desktop, mobile web and the Yahoo Fantasy App

  • The men’s tournament starts on March 21 and the women’s tournament on March 22

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for both the men’s and women’s bracket contests and let the fun begin!

Official contest rules for the men's and women's bracket contests