Braves win third straight boys sectional track championship

May 16—Terre Haute South was expected to win the boys high school track and field sectional Thursday evening at Terre Haute North, and the Braves did.

"It's easy to come in being big-time favorites and lose focus," South coach Jon Lee said after the meet, thrilled that his team didn't do that and instead won its third straight title.

"A perfect evening as far as track goes," Lee added, although much like Tuesday's girls sectional the constant threat of rain finally materialized as soon as the meet was over. "We had a lot of champions, and we're going to take a busload of kids to Bloomington [North, for next Thursday's regional meet]. It should be fun."

Four of South's wins had Ethan Aidoo's name attached as the senior anchored his team's 4x800 and 4x400 teams while taking individual honors in the 800 and the 1,600. "Every time he steps on the track it's special," his coach said afterward.

The ever-smiling South runner expressed mild disappointment at barely missing school records in the 800 — "By one second," he said — and the 4x400, although he said his team did have a personal best in that event.

"I just had to give my best effort," Aidoo said. "It's my last sectional as a senior at Terre Haute South."

Aidoo wasn't the only athlete with four wins and the other one is just getting started. Sullivan sophomore Zane Catlin won both sprints — "Pretty easy," he said, accurately — and led off a winning 4x100 team. Then, with the meet winding down, he found time to get to the long jump pit and wound up winning that event too.

"We want to get in the top five as a team," he said as the meet progressed, and the Arrows may have exceeded their expectations with a third-place finish.

Zane Catlin also shared the honors with teammate Sam Jackson for hairstyle of the meet.

"We just wanted to have some fun," he said of the pair's coiffure: short, bleached hair dotted with dark purple smiley faces.

South's other wins came from Stephen Markle in the 400, Josh Morgan in high hurdles, Jaylen Wells in high jump and Jaston Wyke in pole vault. Lee included Wyke and sophomore thrower Ryan Hescher, who placed second and fourth in two deep events, in his list of high-achieving athletes in the meet.

Second-place Northview got a win from Preston Heiliger in intermediate hurdles, while Putnam County had three winners: Landon Miller of fourth-place Greencastle in the 3,200 and South Putnam throwers Keenan Mowery-Shields (shot put) and Ben Teipen (discus).

The heroic effort of the meet may have come from Terre Haute North's Zach Abel, who anchored his team's 4x400 quartet. Abel stumbled taking the baton, spinning and nearly falling to the ground before recovering to overtake a couple of runners and earn the Patriot foursome a third-place finish and a regional trip. The top three finishers in each event are qualifers for next week's Bloomington North Regional.

Team scores — Terre Haute South 146, Northview 89, Sullivan 69.75, Greencastle 57.75, Terre Haute North 37.75, Clay City 37, South Putnam 33, West Vigo 25, Parke Heritage 13, South Vermillion 11, Cloverdale 10.75, North Putnam 10, Riverton Parke 5.

100 — Zane Catlin (Sul) 11.11, A.J. Watkins (THS) 11.55, Colton Bath (Nv) 11.57, Zy'eiar White (THS) 11.63, Zach Abel (THN) 11.82, Tanner Hayes (Nv) 11.83, Cade Mabry (PH) 11.91, Josiah Bennett (THN) 11.93.

200 — Z.Catlin (Sul) 22.65, Cooper Bock (Sul) 23.13, Bath (Nv) 23.42, Stephen Markle (THS) 23.75, Mayson Lewis (THS) 23.96, Cameron Little (CC) 24.26, Bennett (THN) 24.53, Hayes (Nv) DQ.

400 — Markle (THS) 50.27, Jake Price (THS) 51.92, Abel (THN) 52.35, Connor Ramsey (C) 54.24, Alex McKinney (WV) 54.41, Camden Parkey (Nv) 54.58, Daniel Dinn (G) 54.95, Luke Robertson (RP) 55.82.

800 — Ethan Aidoo (THS) 1:54.97, Jcim Grant (Nv) 1:58.42, Jaxson Kyrouac (WV) 2:02.56, David Lacy (PH) 2:03.96, Douglas Dillman (Nv) 2:04.53, Gabe Feltner (SP) 2:05.09, Braeden Chastain (THS) 2:07.21, Charlie Menzel (G) 2:11.50.

1,600 — Aidoo (THS) 4:21.51, Grant (Nv) 4:27.64, Oliven Lee (THN) 4:35.77, Jeremiah Miles (NP) 4:36.08, Menzel (G) 4:37.96, Landon Miller (G) 4:42.93, Keaton Chew(SP) 4:45.69, Tyreese Brannon (THS) 4:46.25.

3,200 — L.Miller (G) 9:57.05, Aiden Miller (THS) 10:08.10, Braden Fears (THS) 10:15.26, Camden Johnson (Nv) 10:26.41, Connor Propst (Nv) 10:32.81, Liam Campbell (WV) 10:36.25, Grant Bush (SV) 10:50.84, Christopher Park (THN) 10:51.57.

HH — Josh Morgan (THS) 15.73, Bock (Sul) 15.83, Brendle Brennan (G) 16.11, Ethan Edwards (CC) 16.28, Mason Sutherland (Nv) 16.40, James Belmar (THN) 16.73, Lewis (THS) 16.99, Anthony Adams (G) 17.04.

IH — Preston Heiliger (Nv) 41.82, Edwards (CC) 42.93, Bock (Sul) 43.25, Belmar (THN) 43.54, Caleb Rector (PH) 43.84, Adams (G) 44.37, Brody Burdge (SP) 44.52, Caden Bettenbrock (CC) 44.92.

4x100 relay — Sullivan (Z.Catlin, John Taft, Lloyd Hauger, Chase Catlin) 43.37, Northview (Bobby Styck, Bath, Jace Deakins, Hayes) 44.05, Greencastle (Garret Cooper, Clay Glessner, Ian Williamson, Bryceton Nunn) 44.25, Terre Haute South 44.26, Clay City 46.80, Riverton Parke 47.20, Parke Heritage 47.34, North Putnam 47.42.

4x400 relay — Terre Haute South (Markle, Jake Price, Noah Price, Aidoo) 3:27.46, Northview (Grant, Nathan Kellar, Peyton McCollum, Parkey) 3:36.68, Terre Haute North (Daniel Vicino, Cam Bacon, Lee, Abel) 3:38.82, Greencastle 3:39.57, South Putnam 3:39.64, West Vigo 3:45.66, North Putnam 3:47.55, Sullivan 3:50.57.

4x800 relay — Terre Haute South (N.Price, Owen Frazier, Chastain, Aidoo) 8:07.97, Northview (Dillman, Clint Mager, Propst, Grant) 8:12.73, South Putnam (Gabe Feltner, Emilio Gallegos, Evan Hinkle, Chew) 8:26.11, Greencastle 8:38.40, Clay City 8:47.13, Terre Haute North 8:54.35, North Putnam 9:30.31, Riverton Parke 9:35.85.

HJ — Jaylen Wells (THS) 6-0, Cooper (G) 6-0, Morgan (THS) 5-10, Hayden Meredith (SP) 5-10, Cameron Umphries (WV) 5-10, Bettenbrock (CC) 5-8, Dalton Herseman (THN) and Taygan McRoberts (G) and Liam Ramsay (C) and Taft (Sul) 5-6.

PV — Jaston Wyke (THS) 13-0, Isaac Bedwell (Sul) 12-0, C.Catln (Sul) 11-6, Harrison Tyler (C) 11-6, Jordan Krause (WV) 10-6, Cyrus Gurnon (G) 10-6, Andrew Loftus (THS) 10-0 and Kaden Souder (CC) and James Haymaker (WV) 10-0.

LJ — Z.Catin (Sul) 20-8.5, Nolan Hackleman (NP) 20-5, Hayes (Nv) 19-11.75, Matthew Farrington (NP) 19-10.75, Tyree Cuffle (THS) 19-9, Williamson (G) 19-7, Khalil Jefferson (SP) 19-6, Nunn (G) 19-4.

SP — Keenan Mowery-Shields (SP) 54-1, Ryan Hescher (THS) 49-7, Edwards (CC) 47-10, Kai Moore (Nv) 47-5, Seb Ortiz (Sul) 46-0, Lane Milner (SV) 44-9, Aaron Kersey (SV) 43-2, Brandon Brewer (Nv) 42-4.

D — Ben Teipen (SP) 150-8, Edwards (CC) 144-7, L.Milner (SV) 138-5, Hescher (THS) 138-2, Slade Fell (Nv) 135-4, Zach Hess (SV) 127-9, Ortiz (Sul) 126-0, Gus Monday (SP) 121-6.