Brendan Rodgers accuses Celtic critics of 'personal' attacks that 'overstepped the mark'

Brendan Rodgers claims much of the criticism he faced earlier on in the season was personal and "overstepped the mark."

Celtic recovered from a mid-season slump to end the campaign in style and lifted the Premiership trophy this afternoon as a reward for that. But amid the previous blip in form, they faced plenty of criticism and questions over whether they could win a third title in a row.

At that point, Rangers had stabilised under Philippe Clement and appeared to have themselves in the driving seat. Rodgers has spoken out about the "narrative" that was being built around his team before and has addressed it again after the final day win over St Mirren today.

He insists the flak was aimed at him right from the beginning of the season and feels some of it was personal.

Rodgers told Sky Sports: "Criticism is fine, it's all part of the game. It's when it becomes personal, that's when it oversteps the mark.

"Yeah, no doubt. From August 26 the headlines were negative and I actually showed the guys today before we came here the story was created throughout the season.

"The narrative and various headlines, some were professional and some were personal. But I've always said that we write our own story.

"It's not just a professional sport story, it's life. You'll get written off, you'll get criticised but as long as you stick to your own storyline you'll be okay."