Bulls center Andre Drummond labeled ‘natural fit’ for Lakers trade

Heading into the trade deadline, a lot of focus will be on what the Chicago Bulls decide to do. Zach LaVine is the top guy to watch out for in terms of big names, but Chicago also has a bunch of veterans on the roster who could help contending teams fill out their bench units for the postseason.

The Los Angeles Lakers are likely going to be aggressive at the deadline as they look to improve their roster. They might have to fight to get into the Play-In Tournament, and adding any sort of help will be crucial. The Bulls could give them some solid options.

According to Ron Gutterman of Lakers Nation, Bulls big man Andre Drummond could be a “natural fit” with Los Angeles.

“Drummond is one of many players on the Bulls roster that could be had in a trade if 21-24 Chicago decides to make those moves,” Gutterman wrote. “And the Lakers may be a natural fit for a number of reasons. A backup big has been an ongoing issue through the Lakers’ first half of 2023-24. Drummond is already familiar with how L.A. operates and the Bulls and Lakers have already had trade conversations surrounding other players.”

Drummond stepped up in a big way for the Bulls when Nikola Vucevic missed a stretch of games earlier this season, returning to his prime days of being a double-double machine.

So far this season, Drummond is averaging 7.6 points and 8.4 rebounds while shooting 54.8% from the floor. He’s also appeared in all 45 of the Bulls’ games this season, proving his durability.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire