Burger King Is Sweetening Up Spring With A New Frozen Cotton Candy Drink

burger king cotton candy drink
burger king cotton candy drink - Burger King

Lovers of sweet treats will find just what they're looking for at Burger King this Spring. The fast-food chain just announced that it will be adding a brand-new frozen beverage to its menu on April 11. The Frozen Cotton Candy drink features a seamless melding of sweet cotton candy and tangy blue raspberry flavors to accompany classic menu items like the fry and onion ring combo and the iconic Whopper.

As stated by Pat O'Toole, chief marketing officer for Burger King North America, the Frozen Cotton Candy beverage is inspired by a frosty drink previously offered by the chain. "After bringing the heat last summer with the successful launch of our Frozen Fanta Kickin' Mango, we wanted to cool things off a bit this season," said O'Toole when speaking about the latest menu addition. While the new drink will be available at Burger King locations all over the country, supplies are limited. Accordingly, fast-food fans are encouraged to act fast if they want to get their hot little hands on the cool drink before it disappears.

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Lots Of Sweet Things Are In Store At Burger King

Burger King signage daytime
Burger King signage daytime - Manuel Milan/Getty Images

Per a statement made to Daily Meal, members of Burger King's Royal Perks program can sample the new Frozen Cotton Candy drink for the unbeatable price of $1. And if you want your life to be even sweeter, the chain offers a cold foam cloud topping for an extra charge that can be combined with the new drink, as well as Burger King's other frozen beverage offerings, which include Frozen Fanta Blue Raspberry and Wild Cherry, as well as Frozen Coke.

Along with deals on menu items, Royal Perks members can also access a bit of entertainment when using the Burger King app. The chain's new Cloud Float game is fun enough on its own, but it also allows players to accrue points that can score them deals on menu items, as well as Burger King merchandise. It's common knowledge that Burger King offers cheap yet delicious fare, but this latest announcement illustrates that the fast-food chain is the place for cool refreshments this season.

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