Chelsea Fan View: We’re Gooner do them again! Chelsea gassed up in the form of Cesc

Chelsea blogger Amy Christophers insists Conte must take Spanish steps to see off Arsenal on Saturday

Chelsea Fan View: We’re Gooner do them again! Chelsea gassed up in the form of Cesc

We are undefeated in the last 10 games against Arsenal (not including the Community Shield defeat) - seven wins and three draws.

But we must defend far better for this one, if we go down 2-0 like we did against Liverpool and Leicester we will lose this game.

Terry if fit has to come in for Cahill as Luiz might make the odd rickett during a game but he has pace which is something we lack at the back.

Ivanovic must not play as Arsenal will just target him time after time and he won’t be able to keep up with the quick passing and wingers.

I really hope Conte will make the changes we need: First one is Fabregas back in the starting line, we need him. It's tough luck for Oscar since I think he has been playing well, but this is just the kind of game Fabregas - against his former team - can thrive in.

I know he had poor games last season but he has made an impact in recent games and deserves to be given his chance in the Number 10 role.

Chelsea haven’t faced a midfield of Arsenal’s quality all season and because of that I can see Conte fielding the same midfield and keeping Fab on the bench but we cannot afford to be outplayed in that area like we were against Liverpool.

Arsenal are playing really well and confidence is high despite them beating inferior opposition. If we can get an early goal or get going quickly we all know the Emirates will settle into a library style atmosphere so it's important to get onto the front foot first.

Costa needs to refrain from winding up their centre backs and get on with bossing it and holding up the ball so the midfield can join in with the play.

Beating a second string Leicester City in the EFL Cup would have given us terrific confidence considering we were 2-0 down but we should not be under illusions - lose this game and Conte wil undoubtedly be compared to Mourinho last season.

I am going for a draw and can see this game being a high -scoring one so the prediction is 2-2.

If we lose the game, even at this early stage I can see reaching the top 4 to being a major obstacle as we have to compete and win games against the so called “better teams”

On a positive note, Michael Oliver will be refereeing this game, and Arsenal haven't won a PL game for 3 years with him in the middle...