Do the Chicago Bulls need a bench upgrade?

Do the Chicago Bulls need a bench upgrade? At least one prominent NBA analyst seems to think so — and we can’t help but to agree. Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey doesn’t like what he sees on the Bulls’ bench this season, and while the reserves not currently playing as starters have had their moments, they also tend to fade in and out of efficacy.

Noting that the Bulls “don’t have enough high-end talent to overwhelm opponents with their starting lineup,” the fact that Chicago is “often at a deficit when they start working their second-teamers into the mix,” Bailey makes the case that Chicago could use some help from the deep rotation players on the roster already.

He is perhaps also hinting that the front office add  new faces in the team’s bench mob as well.

“They need these reserves to provide a consistent spark, and that isn’t happening enough,” he suggests, correctly. Chicago can add buyout talent during the rest of the regular season, and sign some new players outright in the offseason.

Until that happens, leaning into player development is the next-best way to a similar goal — and one the Bulls have been leaning into.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire