Chicago Bulls bet on continuity, stand pat at the NBA’s 2024 deadline

The Chicago Bulls have bet on continuity once again, standing pat at the NBA’s 2024 trade deadline for another year despite widespread belief that the Bulls were in need of at minimum a retool of their roster. Turning down a number of reported suitors for the likes of Alex Caruso, Andre Drummond, and Patrick Williams to bet on continuity is evidently the plan for Chicago.

Fans of the team are understandably perturbed, and Bulls analysts as confused by the choice as Chicago fans are. Does the team’s front office have a big move planned in the 2024 offseason, when it will be easier to offload the considerable contract of injured guard Zach LaVine?

Or was this simply another of many decisons to take a path that depends on internal improvement — while keeping investment costs for the team’s ownership down?

The hosts of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast Haize weighed in after the deadline passed. Check out his thoughts in the situation above.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire