Chicago Bulls do nothing at the 2024 NBA trade deadline – what is their plan?

The Chicago Bulls were widely seen as one of the teams in the NBA that most needed to make a move or three at the league’s 2024 trade deadline, so of course the Bulls’ front office elected to … do absolutely nothing instead?

You read that right, folks. Chicago’s executives took a look at the offers that were reportedly out there for Alex Caruso, Andre Drummond, and Patrick Williams, and decided that the team would be good moving forward with those players over said offers. As crazy as it might sound, the Bulls’ plan appears to be continuity, which is another way to say a longer stay on the proverbial treadmill of mediocrity.

The hosts of the “Locked On Bulls” podcast Haize and Pat the Designer weighed in on the head-scratching choice to stand pat on a recent episode.

Check it out in the clip embedded above to hear what they think of that puzzling course of action.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire