Who will be the Chicago Bulls’ toughest free agency decision?

Who will be the Chicago Bulls’ toughest free agency decision this coming 2024 NBA offseason? The Bulls don’t have too many major decisions to make in that regard, but our friends at Bleacher Report have an idea of who they think it is. According to B/R’s Andy Hughes, the free agent in mind most likely to divide Chicago’s front office is DeMar DeRozan.

“If the Chicago Bulls were like most teams, they wouldn’t have a decision to make on DeMar DeRozan at all…because he wouldn’t even be on the roster,” writes Hughes, noting that most .500 ball clubs would have already dealt DeRozan at the last trade deadline.

But as Bulls fans know all too well, that did not happen. And if the Bulls are to hope to retain talent and cap space to build out this version of the team, there’s a strong case to hang onto the Compton native.

“Even if little competition for DeRozan’s services emerges, the Bulls must still be careful about their spending,” suggests the B/R analyst.

“Or, at least that would be the case for a team that ever planned to free up room, bottom out and build a roster capable of winning more than 40-something games.”

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire