Cinemark CEO Sean Gamble’s Pay Rises to $8.8M in 2023

Sean Gamble, CEO of major theater chain Cinemark, earned $8.8 million in overall pay in 2023, the company said in a securities filing on Tuesday.

His compensation package came as Cinemark, the third-largest theater circuit in the U.S. behind AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment Group, continued to recover at the box office coming out of the pandemic.

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Gamble, who became president and CEO of the cinema chain in January 2022, made $5.95 million in overall pay that year. And the big movers of his total pay continue to come from stock awards and a non-equity incentive plan.

In 2023, Gamble received a base salary of $900,000, just up from a base salary of $825,000 in 2022 and $687,857 in 2021.

Gamble in 2023 once again received no bonus, as happened in the previous two years. But Gamble did nab $5.4 million in stock awards, compared to $3.6 million in stock awards received in 2022, and $1.5 million in 2021.

And he received $2.44 million in a non-equity incentive plan last year, up from $1.42 million from a non-equity incentive plan in 2022 and $963,000 received in the same category a year earlier.

The SEC filing also revealed that Melissa Thomas, who became Cinemark CFO in October 2021, received overall pay of $2.7 million in 2023, which compares to a $2.4 million overall compensation package in 2022.

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