Cody W. Pattison: Column by Looking forward to baseball and softball on the local and large scale

Mar. 30—I don't believe in luck ... unless it tends to sway in my favor.

Lately, a wild run of that so called bad luck has been creeping up on me, but I'm not going to let it deter me. I'm currently writing this because after Tuesday I am not a billionaire after trying to play the Mega Millions.

"Your dad was lucky," my mother said simultaneously to my sister standing next to her and me over the phone line, adding, "Cody's got my luck."

It's now baseball and softball season. I'm not in the mood to have a series of unfortunate events get me down.

The next day, nothing was going on in terms of baseball or softball because of a downpour. As I cruised down U.S. Route 422 one of my windshield wipers flew off my vehicle for no apparent reason.

So, I had to swing around and spend another 25 dollars that would have seemed like chump change if I won the lotto. Oh well.

I've been, for lack of my own belief system, focusing more on the future instead of the present that keeps testing me. Here's some things I'm looking forward to in the baseball and softball season.


It might be Good Friday as I write this, but it's a great Friday considering MLB's opening day was yesterday and the Pirates already won me five dollars. Today, the Atlanta Braves beat the Phillies and got me a little more money in my pocket.

I guess luck might turn around in my favor for the MLB season.

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, so gamble responsibly, folks. I know I've got a long MLB season to do so.

Spring has sprung and the MLB is here.


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It's been an odd year to say the least for Lawrence County Sports considering teams haven't been racking up the mileage on my odometer. Last season, I was at the PIAA championships for the trifecta of football, basketball and softball.

I haven't gone to one PIAA championship this year, but I'm sure softball will send me to State College. Big contenders are the Union and Neshannock softball teams.

Union was the lone team at State College last year and came up short with PIAA Class 1A silver, but they're a good contender to make me travel. Neshannock is the other obvious pick as they show no signs of slowing down with a couple of changes to their lineup.

The Lady Lancers didn't make it to the big dance last season, but the 2022 PIAA Class 2A champions finished the 2023 season with a 48-game win streak which is the longest known in the WPIAL.

Trust me when I say we'll probably see one of them return to the PIAA championships.


May 24th is closer than you think. May 24th is my little sister's birthday and I'm hoping to spend time with her and am currently convincing her to go see the Braves take on the Pirates on the 25th.

I guess she's the one that kind of made me realize I'm focusing more on the future than the present. But, there's no present better for your sister than a trip to PNC Park.


Speaking of presents, I asked my mother and sister for a birthday present of going to see Charley Crockett at Stage AE in Pittsburgh in July. Charley Crockett got his name from Charley Pride and Davy Crockett.

I tend to listen to Charley Pride when baseball season comes around considering the famous country artist played for the Memphis Red Sox in 1953 and his last appearance for them was '58.

What a way to cap off Lawrence County baseball and softball ending with some honky tonkin'.