Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ordered by judge to take paternity test in defamation lawsuit

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks to reporters following an NFL football game against the Detroit Lions, Saturday, Dec. 30, 2023, in Arlington, Texas. The Cowboys won 20-19. (AP Photo/Sam Hodde)
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been ordered by a Dallas County judge to submit to a paternity test. (AP Photo/Sam Hodde)

Jerry Jones is being required to take a paternity test after Judge Sandra Jackson ruled to uphold that decision on Wednesday in a Texas district court.

This all stems from a defamation lawsuit brought about by Alexandra Davis, who is alleging that the Dallas Cowboys' team owner is her biological father.

"Judge Jackson is a true Judge of the people," Davis' lawyer, Kris Hayes, wrote in a statement, according to Dallas TV station WFAA. "She listened to the facts of the case and followed the law perfectly. Her ruling proves that being a rich, powerful person does not mean you are above the law."

The next step for Jones, who also serves as the Cowboys' team president and general manager, is to have his attorneys challenge the constitutionality of the state law compelling him to submit to the test.

The dispute began when the 27-year-old Davis sued Jones in March 2022 and asked the court to void a 1998 agreement that her mother, Cynthia Davis, allegedly made with Jones after she was born. The 81-year-old Jones allegedly met Cynthia while she was working for American Airlines.

As long as neither Alexandra nor Cynthia publicly stated that Jones was Alexandra's father, he allegedly would financially support them. Jones allegedly agreed to pay Cynthia $375,000, while Alexandra would receive "certain monthly, annual and special funding" from a trust until her 21st birthday.

After that point, the alleged agreement stated that Alexandra would receive three lump-sum payments when she turned 24, 26 and 28. According to court documents, Alexandra has received "millions of dollars" from Jones over the course of her life, Jones' attorneys said.

Jones, who has been married to Gene Jones since 1963, has denied being Alexandra's father. In response to this, Alexandra dropped her initial suit in April 2022 and then proceed to file a paternity case. That case is still pending, while the ongoing defamation case was filed in November, claiming Jones and his lawyers were painting Alexandra Davis as an "extortionist."

"Alex is a poised, classy young lady that has remained in the shadows out of fear and now that has been vindicated by the courts," Hayes said. "She has given a voice to all children in her position and she has done it with grace and humility."