DeMar DeRozan on Lonzo Ball: ‘It’s always great to see him’

When the Chicago Bulls shook up their roster in 2021, the front office made a clear decision to push for competitiveness. They were sick of rebuilding and chose to add talent. At the beginning of the year, that choice paid off. They were one of the best teams in the East, but then Lonzo Ball went down with an injury.

It’s been over two full years since then, and Ball has still yet to play in a game for the Bulls since. And until now, there haven’t been many positive updates regarding his potential return. However, it was recently reported that he’s been cleared for “advanced rehab activities.”

DeMar DeRozan recently spoke about what his conversations are like with Ball, and how it’s great when he gets to see him in person. (H/t Julia Poe of the Chicago Tribune)

“It’s always great to see him,” DeRozan said. “The word[s] that he comes with is such a positive, uplifting feeling that he brings, so whenever you’re around, it’s good to see him. Just a reminder [of] the type of special person he is.”

Ball may not be able to play yet, but his spirits are high.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire