Derek Carr gets advice from Jared Goff with Raiders trade likely: 'There’s definitely life on the other side'

Derek Carr is representing the Las Vegas Raiders at the 2023 Pro Bowl Games. It's probably the last time Carr will represent the team in any fashion

Carr is almost certain to be traded or let go after the Raiders benched him at the end of the regular season. With two games to go, the team turned to Jarrett Stidham as its starter, a clear sign Carr was on the way out.

Though a trade will likely be the best thing for Carr, the idea is probably daunting. Carr has spent all nine of his NFL seasons with the Raiders after the team selected him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. If Carr is nervous about joining a new franchise after so many years with his original team, that would be completely fair.

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr appears headed for a trade after he was benched during the season. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)
Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr appears headed for a trade after he was benched during the season. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images) (Michael Owens via Getty Images)

Fortunately for Carr, he's far from the only quarterback to deal with being traded. Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff — who is also taking part in the Pro Bowl Games — knows the feeling well, and let Carr know that being dealt isn't necessarily a bad thing, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“There’s definitely life on the other side,” Goff said.

It’s a message Goff relayed to Carr when the two hooked up at the Pro Bowl, where Carr is serving as one of the AFC quarterbacks.

“We had a really good talk about it earlier this week,” Goff said. “I think his head is in a great place about it, whatever ends up happening with him.”

After being selected by the Rams with the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2016, Goff spent his first five seasons with the team. Goff experienced a rough rookie year, but transformed the Rams into a contender once Sean McVay took over as head coach in 2017. After Goff took over as the team's full-time starter that same year, the Rams made the playoffs in three of four seasons, reaching the Super Bowl during the 2018 season. They lost the contest, 13-3 to the New England Patriots.

Following the 2020 season, the Rams traded Goff to the Lions in exchange for Matthew Stafford. The Rams also gave up two first-round draft picks to cover for the Lions taking on Goff's contract.

Goff turned in a fine year in 2021, before stepping up in a big way during the 2022 season. Goff threw for 4,438 yards, with 29 touchdowns against seven interceptions. It was the second-highest touchdown total of Goff's career.

That performance had the Lions on the verge of the playoffs. The team pulled off a massive turnaround, finishing 9-8 and staying in postseason contention until the final week of the regular season. The Lions are expected to contend for the NFC North next season.

Despite the trade, Goff is still in a good spot. That should fill Carr with hope.

Of course, you can't mention the Goff trade without talking about what it did for the Rams. In his first year with the franchise, Stafford led the Rams to a Super Bowl win. We're guessing Goff omitted that detail during his pep talk with Carr.