DK Metcalf's sign language after TD wasn't trash talking, just 'standing on business'

Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf has taken to using sign language after touchdowns, and when he did so after the first of his three touchdowns on Thursday night it got internet sleuths trying to translate what he said.

No, Metcalf wasn't trash talking Dallas Cowboys cornerback DaRon Bland, who he just beat for a 73-yard score. Metcalf was simply signing "standing on business."

What does that mean? It's to "stand your ground and get things done," according to, or "taking care of your responsibilities," according to Kaylee Hartung on the Amazon Prime Video broadcast.

Either way, you get the idea.

Hartung explained that Metcalf has been learning sign language to challenge himself. He took a sign language course in college and recently picked it up again. He is seven classes into a new program, Hartung said.

Hartung said that Metcalf explained "it's a way to get his mind off of football."

Metcalf has been fined more than $98,000 in his career for excessive celebration and unsportsmanlike conduct, according to Front Office Sports, so if sign language is a way around that, all the better.

Not only is Metcalf one of the fastest humans on the planet, he's broadening his horizons, too. And not disrespecting opponents.