Edmeston/Morris tops Charlotte Valley 10-9 on walk-off single

Apr. 25—A walk-off single by Samantha Coyle gave the Edmeston/Morris softball team a 10-9 victory over Charlotte Valley on Thursday at the Cooperstown All-Star Village in Oneonta.

Trailing by one in the bottom of the seventh, E/M tied things up on an RBI double by Ella Sparaco. Two batters later, Coyle sent a base hit into center field to end the game.

Sparaco and Coyle each had three hits in the win, with Sparaco driving in four runs and Coyle bringing in two.

Hannah Wist went the distance in the circle, striking out nine and allowing one walk and eight hits.

For Charlotte Valley, Claire Clark went 3-for-3 with a home run and two RBI, Brinlee Wright drove in two runs and Jessica Zuill had two hits.

Josie Butler, Wright and Abby Vroman combined for 12 strikeouts in the circle.

E/M (8-1) will visit Laurens/Milford on Friday while Charlotte Valley (7-2) will travel to Hunter-Tannersville on Saturday.

Oneonta 14, Johnson City 10

Oneonta scored four runs in the seventh inning and held off a Johnson City comeback effort to win 14-10 on the road Thursday.

Emma Burr had three hits and scored three runs while Izzy Giacomelli, Logan Jipson, Kylie Carr, Desiree Wheeler and Madyson Imperato each tallied two hits in the win.

Ivy Tice struck out eight over seven innings to earn the win in the circle.

OHS improves to 6-3 and will host Susquehanna Valley on Monday.

Unatego 20, Walton/Downsville 2

Unatego cruised to a 20-2 win over Walton/Downsville in five innings at home Thursday behind a 14-run first inning.

Bailey McCoy had a double, two singles and four RBI while Madisyn Birdsall tallied four hits, Avery James had three hits and five RBI, Kaitlyn Henn had three hits and two RBI and Dixie Boglioloi singled twice in the win.

James earned the win in the circle for the Spartans.

Dorothy Bull, Lo Robinson, and Addalyn Strub each had a hit for W/D.

Unatego will host Harpursville on Friday while W/D will host Bainbridge-Guilford the same day.

Cooperstown 22, Frankfort-Schuyler 3

Cooperstown opened a 7-0 lead in the second inning and never looked back in a 22-3 win over Frankfort-Schuyler on the road Thursday.

Grace Sperry tripled, singled and scored five runs while Bella Reich tallied five hits, Kayleigh Butler added three hits and Tori France and Emmy Lippitt each had two hits in the win.

Butler, Reich and Evie Baldo each drove in three runs for the Hawkeyes. Lippitt earned the win in the circle.

Cooperstown will visit Oriskany on Friday.

Edmeston/Morris 10, Charlotte Valley 9

CV ... 005 011 2 — 9 8 7

E/M ... 017 000 2 — 10 7 4

CV: J. Butler, B. Wright (L, 3) and A. Vroman

E/M: H. Wist (W) and K. Buriello

HR: C. Clark (CV)

2B: E. Sparaco 2 (E/M)

Oneonta 14, Johnson City 10

OHS ... 125 011 4 — 14 15 5

JC ... 201 013 3 — 10 7 4

OHS: Ivy Tice (W) and Emma Burr

JC: S. Colgan (L)

2B: S. McGlynn (JC)

Unatego 20, Walton/Downsville 2

W/D ... 002 00X X — 2 X X

U ...(14)30 30X X — 20 X X

U: Avery James (W)

2B: Bailey McCoy (U)

Cooperstown 22, Frankfort-Schuyler 3

Coop ... 342 03(10) X — 22 16 0

F-S ... 002 000 X — 3 8 0

Coop: Emmy Lippitt (W) and Catie Crippen

3B: Grace Sperry (Coop)


Frankfort-Schuyler 3, Cooperstown 1

Cooperstown dropped a 3-1 decision to Frankfort-Schuyler on the road Thursday.

The pitcher's duel saw the two sides combine for just seven hits. Kalen Dempsey was the hard-luck loser for the Hawkeyes despite allowing only four hits in seven innings.

Cooperstown (4-3 overall, 3-1 CSC) will host Fort Plain on Saturday.

Frankfort-Schuyler 3, Cooperstown 1

Coop ... 000 010 0 — 1 3 2

F-S ... 002 100 X — 3 4 0

Coop: Kalen Dempsey (L) and Emerson Toulson

F-S: T. Service (W) and N. Service


The Cooperstown tennis team swept a pair of matches against Poland on THursday.

Winning in singles across the two matches were Isaiah George, Henry Ayers, Bianca Adam, Eero Aho, Emily Menzies and Alfred Hom.

Doubles victories in match one came from the duos of Lexi Wolfe and Aho, and Nancy Dong and Trey Hassman.

Adam and Wolfe, and Micah Raffo and Hayden Spencer each won in match two.

Cooperstown will visit Mount Markham on Friday.

Oneonta 7, Windsor 0 (Wednesday)

Oneonta swept Windsor 7-0 in Wednesday's match.

Winning in singles play for the Yellowjackets were Jayden Zakala, Dylan Shaughnessy, Caleb Christman and Reilly Waltz.

Simmone Segal and Isaac Wooden won in first doubles while Justin Hultman and Stephen Mendez triumphed in second doubles. OHS won by forfeit in third doubles.

Oneonta will host Norwich on Friday.

Cooperstown 5, Hamilton 0 (Wednesday)

Cooperstown swept Hamilton at home on Wednesday.

Isaiah George and Eero Aho provided singles victories for Cooperstown while the doubles teams of Lexi Wolfe and Henry Ayers, and Bianca Adam and Alfred Hom each won as well.

Cooperstown 5, Poland 0

Singles: Isaiah George (Coop) def. Zoe Arangino 10-0; Henry Ayers (Coop) def. Jack Hoffman 10-0; Bianca Adam (Coop) def. Trinity Barnello 10-0

Doubles: Lexi Wolfe/Eero Aho (Coop) def. Grace Grems/Jordan Niemetz 10-0; Nancy Dong/Trey Hassman (Coop) def. Isabelle Ross/Leia Christian 10-2

Cooperstown 5, Poland 0

Singles: Eero Aho (Coop) def. Zoe Arangino 10-0; Emily Menzies (Coop) def. Grace Grems 10-1; Alfred Hom (Coop) def. Isabelle Ross 10-2

Doubles: Bianca Adam/Lexi Wolfe (Coop) def. Jack Hoffman/Trinity Barnello 10-2; Micah Raffo/Hayden Spencer (Coop) def. Logan Baxter/Jordan Niemetz 10-1

Oneonta 7, Windsor 0 (Wednesday)

Singles: Jayden Zakala (OHS) def. Julian Holdrege 6-1, 6-0; Dylan Shaughnessy (OHS) def. Derrick Chen 6-1, 6-1; Caleb Christman (OHS) def. Caeden Vanzandt 6-2, 6-1; Reilly Waltz (OHS) def. Alexander Chen 6-0, 6-0

Doubles: Simmone Segal/Isaac Wooden (OHS) def. Sabian Honnick/Kaden Chapman 6-0, 6-0; Justin Hultman/Stephen Mendez (OHS) def. Thomas Donohue/Kooper Hunter 6-2, 6-0

Singles: Isaiah George (Coop) def. James Hanmer 6-0, 6-0; Eero Aho (Coop) def. Andrew Holm 6-0, 6-0; Emily Menzies (Coop) won by forfeit

Doubles: Lexi Wolfe/Henry Ayers (Coop) def. Noa Stahlberg/Marjorie Jones 6-2, 6-2; Bianca Adam/Alfred Hom (Coop) def. Anna Platt/Helena Menute de Oliveira 6-0, 6-0


The Edmeston/Morris track and field team swept a Tri-Valley League tri-meet on Wednesday that featured Franklin and Richfield Springs.

Maiya King registered three individual wins for the E/M girls, taking first in the 110 hurdles, long jump and triple jump.

Maddie Moore was a double winner with firsts in the 1500 and 3000.

Other first-place finishes by the E/M girls came from Amira Ross (100), Taryn Lund (400 hurdles), Olivia Conklin (800), Abby White (shot put) and Grace Schiller (discus).

Franklin's Valentina Temple won both the 200 and 400 while Haylee Taggart finished first in the high jump.

In the boys events, Ty Turner and Izek Richards each had three victories for E/M. Turner won the 400 hurdles, discus and triple jump while Richards placed first in the 200, high jump and long jump.

Teammates Hayden Kolvik (100 hurdles), Ryan Murphy (100), Dom Cruz (400) and Everett Pondolfino (shot put) all won as well.

Brodie Johnson of Franklin was a double winner in the 800 and 1600.

GIRLS Edmeston/Morris 110, Franklin 39, Richfield Springs 4

100 hurdles: 1. Maiya King (E/M) 18.74, 2. H. Taggart (F), 3. L. Brower (F); 100: 1. Amira Ross (E/M) 13.55, 2. C. Ross (E/M), 3. J. Cotten (E/M); 1500: 1. Maddie Moore (E/M) 5:54.8, 2. E. White (E/M) 6:27.1, 3. D. Farley (RS); 400: 1. Valentina Temple (F) 1:10.5, 2. L. Gregory (E/M), 3. C. Bond (E/M); 400 relay: 1. Franklin 59.83, 2. E/M; 400 hurdles: 1. Taryn Lund (E/M) 1:24.4, 2. E. White (E/M); 800: 1. Olivia Conklin (E/M) 3:10.5, 2. C. Bond (E/M), 3. I. White (E/M); 200: 1. Valentina Temple (F) 29.67, 2. C. Ross (E/M), 3. L. Gregory (F); 3000: 1. Maddie Moore (E/M) 12:53.3, 2. S. Elmendorf (F); 1600 relay: 1. E/M 5:10.2, 2. E/M; Shot put: 1. Abby White (E/M) 26-04, 2. B. Carentz (E/M), 3. H. Taggart (F); Discus: 1. Grace Schiller (E/M) 75-09.75, 2. H. Taggart (F), 3. B. Carentz (E/M); High jump: 1. Haylee Taggart (F) 4-04, 2. T. Lund (E/M), 3. J. Cotten (E/M); Long jump: 1. Maiya King (E/M) 13-11, 2. C. Ross (E/M), 3. A. Ross (E/M); Triple jump: 1. Maiya King (E/M) 26-06, 2. E. White (E/M), 3. S. Elmendorf (F)

BOYS Edmeston/Morris 115, Franklin 22, Richfield Springs 12

110 hurdles: 1. Hayden Kolvik (E/M) 17.58, 2. W. Weber (E/M), 3. G. Zinger (E/M); 100: 1. Ryan Murphy (E/M) 12.05, 2. A. Zaggout (F), 3. L. Cruz (E/M); 1600: 1. Brodie Jordan (F) 5:21.4, 2. A. Galley (E/M), 3. S. Klitchey (F); 400: 1. Dom Cruz (E/M) 1:03.7, 2. J. Wright (RS), 3. L. Cruz (E/M); 400 relay: 1. E/M 50.54, 2. Franklin; 400 hurdles: 1. Ty Turner (E/M) 1:08.3, 2. H. Kolvik (E/M), 3. W. Weber (E/M); 800: 1. Brodie Jordan (F) 2:25.7, 2. C. Swayer (E/M), 3. J. Wright (RS); 200: 1. Izek Richards (E/M) 24.29, 2. R. Murphy (E/M) 25.63, 3. C. DeDominicis (F); 1600 relay: 1. E/M 4:25.5, 2. E/M; Shot put: 1. Everett Pondolfino (E/M) 36-10.25, 2. S. Babbie (E/M), 3. C. Swayer (E/M); Discus: 1. Ty Turner (E/M) 102-05.5, 2. R. Boss (E/M), 3. L. Parizek (E/M); High jump: 1. Izek Richards (E/M) 5-06, 2. H. Kolvik (E/M), 3. G. Zinger (E/M); Long jump: 1. Izek Richards (E/M) 18-08.5, 2. T. Turner (E/M), 3. R. Murphy (E/M); Triple jump: 1. Ty Turner (E/M) 36-01, 2. B. Webb (RS), 3. C. Swayer (E/M)