Elena Sadiku claps back at Rangers boss Jo Potter's Celtic blast over huddle 'disruption'

Elena Sadiku has hit back at Rangers boss Jo Potter's suggestion that Celtic used their huddle as a "disruption" before their derby clash last weekend.

Potter's side beat their rivals 2-0 in last weekend's Scottish Cup semi-final but the head coach was frustrated with her rivals' "antics" before the game kicked off. Potter hit out at the Hoops' delays as she said: "It doesn't surprise me... when you've got to use tactics like that it says more about your mindset." But now Sadiku has hit back and insisted she "doesn't care" at her opponent's complaints as the huddle is something Celts do before every game.

"I think what Jo Potter says needs to stand for herself, like we always do the same thing before games. But I think she just wants to have something to say and be tough about it," Sadiku said.

"So, you know, I don't care what she's saying. If she says that that's our mindset then, you know, she can just think about it because I couldn't care less. I just think it's very... if there's something she wants to say to, I don't know, feel like she's better or whatever like let he say so.

"I don't care. We always do the same thing, if you see the previous game they always do the same thing. So I don't know where she got that from. But if that's something she wants to focus on then let her focus on it. I don't care."