Every word Son said on how Tottenham will improve next season and how Postecoglou made him laugh

What have you made of this season and what would you like to change to make it a better one next season?

I think we could have done so much better. Obviously we see that as well. I think we look forward now, last season has gone and there's so much room for improvement. Next season will be so much better and the players have to take also responsibility for taking the step up and being disciplined. I think where we finish is because of us, not anybody us. We need to think about that and next season we can't make the same mistakes.

You've played on the left and through the centre this season, which position is the one you can see yourself in as your preferred role for the future or where you think you will end up?

I don't mind. (Laughs) It's the gaffer's decision so I'll be ready for any position. So if he puts me as keeper I will be playing keeper. (Ange Postecoglou shakes his head, making everyone laugh and Son turns around to see why and starts laughing when he realises).

Although this game is being played in Australia, many Korean fans are coming to watch, do you have anything to say to them?

I mean I'm always grateful to have fans inside the stadium, especially Korean fans to come home and away and everywhere. I'm just really, really grateful and I hope that we can make a good game, an entertaining game, to make them happy and give a nice game.

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After this tour we've got the international window in June and Korea have just appointed another interim coach as the search for a full-time coach goes on, what are your thoughts on that search and are you in contact with the federation? How close are they and do you have any preference over who comes in?

I have no contact with the federation so it's not my job to do. My job is playing on the pitch. If it takes time, it takes time. I think we need to find the right coach to bring us success and there's no perfect decision but I think you've got to make sure you bring in the right man to bring the success. If that takes times then it takes time. As a player I just want to do my best on the pitch and wait to see what happens.

There's plenty of talk about international candidates versus a Korean coach for the role, do you think there are Korean coaches out there or will they go international again?

I have no idea. (Laughs) I have no idea to be honest. There are always benefits, also if you take a Korean manager because he knows the Korean culture, but also the missing little bit of experience. The Korean Federation will make the decision and as a player we just focus on the pitch.

Have you had a chance to explore Melbourne while you're here?

We just came here so....

In the week though is there anything you'd like to do?

My friend is here and he'd like to see me. He's been playing for Melbourne this year after joining the club and it could be good to see my friend again here, but this is the last game of the season and I want to go home as well, as soon as possible after we finish the game, but any chance to see around would be good.

Sonny, who is your friend?

Tolgay Arslan. One of my best friends actually. (They played together at Hamburger).

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