Everything You Need to Know About the 3rd House in Astrology

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You’ve made it through the front door (1st House) of your birth chart, walked through the foyer (2nd House), and now here you are—welcome to the living room. In astrology, the 3rd House is associated with communication, your immediate environment, siblings (and sometimes cousins), early education, and short-distance travel.

ICYMI, your birth chart is divided into 12 sections called houses, and each house rules over different areas of life. The 3rd House represents socialization that occurs quickly and without much thought. It's where social interactions unfold effortlessly, akin to the living room's role in a home. ‘Member the viral challenges of the 2010s, from the Cupid Shuffle to the Harlem Shake? These pre-TikTok sensations mirror the 3rd House's essence: Quick to catch on, easy to share, and reflecting the mirroring nature of relationships. In the 3rd House, wisdom and wit passes between peers and family as easily as comments on the latest viral dance. Your birth chart's 3rd House thrives on this dynamic interplay, echoing the ongoing dialogue between us and our immediate world. Any drop of wisdom, trendy catchphrase, or backward wisdom falls into the 3rd House of astrology.

How do you find your birth chart's 3rd House?

You’re going to need your birth information: Your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. Once you have that information, you can go ahead and download one of your favorite astrology apps to figure out what’s going on with your 3rd House. If you want to make your life even simpler, use the astrology calculator below and keep reading for more information. Look at the way your birth chart is divided into 12 numbered sections, then see which zodiac sign corresponds with the 3.

This birth chart calculator was created by in collaboration with astrologer Narayana Montúfar. Learn more about Narayana's work on her website

What are the themes of the 3rd House?

The 3rd House of astrology, ruled by fast-moving Mercury and vibrant Gemini, is a playroom of basic communication and interaction. Imagine it as a lively living room filled with a diverse mix of games—from the tongue-in-cheek jest of Cards Against Humanity to the strategic negotiations of Monopoly and the fast-paced decisions of Uno. This House is where we pick up the popular slang, vibe-defining catchphrases, and stumble upon unexpected wisdom amidst giggles and debates.

Studying the astrological living room is like shuffling through a mixed bag of fun facts, jokes, and life hacks, where learning comes through the fun exchange of ideas rather than the meticulous study of rules. The 3rd House prefers the engaging TL;DR (too long, didn’t read) summaries instead of getting too deep. Think instinctual thought vs. intuitive knowledge. Basically, the 3rd House is a living room of interesting ideas, where every brief chat, new dance, and funny phrase has the potential to catch on as an inside joke or social trend. Just keep in mind that just because an idea is passed with confidence—from an older brother or a charismatic friend—doesn't guarantee its truth. In this ever-evolving living room setting of the mind, visitors learn the art of communication, entertainment, and simplistic social bonding.

Which sign and planets are associated with the 3rd House?

As I mentioned, the zodiac sign and planet associated with the 3rd House are Gemini and Mercury! Mercury is literally the fastest-moving, bittiest, and most susceptible planet within our solar system. In fact, Mercury is only a little bit bigger than the Earth’s Moon. Can you imagine being on Mercury? The Sun shines at least seven times brighter on Mercury than it does on Earth; retinol never stood a chance.

Mercury’s sensitivity to the Sun’s influence can be compared to a summer’s day–on the schoolyard. As you astro-experts know, in astrology, the Sun represents our ego, and Mercury represents communication. Philosophically speaking, without social expression, our egos or sense of self may cease to exist! The 3rd House represents how we begin to feel united with others, our instinctual icks, and our intuitive preferences. As the Sun of our siblings, peers, and early childhood figures shine their light on us, our sense of self and how we communicate is funneled through their social differences and similarities. Being associated with the zodiac sign Gemini places further emphasis on the swiftness in which we develop our 3rd House's tricks, treats, and quirks.

What does it mean if you have planets in your 3rd House in your birth chart?

Oh yummy, you have planets within your 3rd House of astrology? The planets within your 3rd House represents how you receive and comprehend rapid information. See it as a prompt to consider how nimble you are. For example, if you have Saturn in the 3rd House, perhaps you could benefit from considering how quickly you decide to adopt new catchphrases and behaviors. Accidentally saying a phrase out of context and inappropriately could cost you major cool points! With Saturn in the 3rd House, the astrological message might be that as astonishingly swift as Mercury is, you gain wisdom from slowing down the process.

Have you ever heard the question “if all your lil friends jump off the bridge, are you going to jump too?” (please tell me this isn’t just a Black Mom thing, lol). The moral of that question outlines how Saturn in the 3rd House can be an absolute strength. Some of your friends or haters might call you “slow” or joke about how you live under a rock, but you received the universal gift of critical thought. You’re not going to dive into a bad situation just because everyone else is doing it. Another planetary example is the Sun in the 3rd House, which basically means that *you* are the subject of quick trends and communication. Perhaps you’re frequently copied or are the trendsetter of your friend group. Popular, much?

What does it mean when planets transit your 3rd House in your horoscope?

To have planets transiting your 3rd House is to have the universe take you by your inner child and say, "Hey, dude, remember that cringy moment when you thought mustaches were cool? Yeah, so you put mustache stickers on everything, because everyone was doing it, you kept doing it after everyone stopped and no one gave you the memo. Creeper!" A transiting planet within your 3rd House is akin to having a visitor chilling in your living room. You know they’re going to leave eventually, but while you’re there, you start picking up and potentially appreciating their vibe.

For example, let’s say you know that Venus is coming over. If you’re an introspective cosmic cutie, then you know you should probably clean up your astrological living room by observing 3rd House themes unique to you and getting yourself in order. When studying planetary transits within your 3rd House it helps to know about the planet paying you a visit. Venus is the planet associated with beauty and love, therefore, once she enters your living room, you can expect to reflect on how you’ve learned to flirt, ideas gained from siblings that inform your perspectives on dating, and that hot little thing you do with your face because you casually picked it up during locker room talk. As the planet comes and goes from your living room, the themes associated with that planet will cause you to reflect on how you picked up certain patterns, behaviors, and habits. Maybe this transit is urging you to stop using your tongue to tie cherry stems into knots, because this you’re not in undergrad anymore.

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