Ex-Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury reportedly in Thailand, not interested in coaching right away

There's a lot of stress that goes with being an NFL coach. And it's not like Kliff Kingsbury isn't still getting paid.

It sounds like Kingsbury is going on a long vacation. Kingsbury booked a one-way trip to Thailand and told teams asking if he'd like an offensive coordinator job that he's not interested right now, according to Peter Schrager of Fox.

Kingsbury was fired by the Cardinals this week after a 4-13 season. He had signed a multi-year extension in March, but the Cardinals still moved on. Kingsbury has too, for the time being.

When Kingsbury was fired, it was speculated that he could get another job right away as an offensive coordinator. He was linked to the New England Patriots, the franchise that drafted him in the sixth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. Despite Kingsbury not succeeding as Arizona's head coach, he got the job because of his reputation as an offensive play-caller. It's no surprise teams would have been interested in talking to him about an OC role.

Kingsbury is just 43 and if he wants to take a year off, he should still have opportunities in the NFL or back in college. After constant scrutiny for four seasons as Cardinals coach, escaping to Thailand and reevaluating things in the future probably sounds like a good plan.

Kingsbury will likely resurface at some point. We just might not hear from him for a while.

Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury has indicated he is not interested in coaching at the moment. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)